Stash Report – 3/7/2010

Well, I cleaned out some old fabric, some I have bought, some that was gifted to me, and am donating it to a lady at church that makes quilts for local children’s homes. There are several large yardages of part poly fabric – one is 14 yards alone! I have a total of 47 yards of fabric and four gifted quilt tops to pass on to her. I am glad to get these out of my sewing room and give them to someone who will actually use them to good purpose. Mrs. Day will make a quilt out of anything and uses old blankets, sheets, and things for batting. I don’t think she has bought a piece of fabric in years – when she gets low she lets the Lord know, and someone will show up with donations. Pretty cool!

I did buy three panels while at the quilt shop Friday. Two of them are realistic looking deer in various settings that Mini-me fell in love with. He has now decided he wants his bed quilt made out of these instead of the dinosaurs! What is up with that?!

Naturally, if I got something for Mini-me, Munchie had to have something also, so she got a pretty flowery panel. Do I have to count their stuff in MY stash? Hmmm, hadn’t thought of that one! 🙂

I did buy some fat quarters for a round robin quilt my guild group is starting in April. I am not counting those in stash, because they are already earmarked for a specific project and are in the box that will be passed around with my quilt’s stuff.

So, after all that, here are my stats for this week, with Mini-me’s and Munchie’s fabrics included –

Used this week:  53.4 yards
Used this year:  82.1 yards
Added this week:   1.9 yards
Added this year:   24.21 yards
Net used for 2010:  57.89 yards from stash

Check out everyone else’s stash reports over at Patchwork Times.

NOTE: I was in too big of a hurry Sunday when I typed this up and I put my net used amount in the used this year space and put nothing in the net used for 2010. I have now corrected this and all figures are correct! Sorry about any mix up!


4 thoughts on “Stash Report – 3/7/2010

  1. I know what you mean about trying to decide whether to put those things in your stash, lol. My girlies are wanting fabric now. I told them they have to put it in their OWN stashes, lol.

  2. Counting my stash, is what I did – and it’s not easy to do!! but I wanted to know what I already had – then what I have added to it. But I did stop counting it, and now consider it all done…… not everything is acounted for. but it’s my stash, my count and I am happy with it.

    I don’t think I would put ‘other people’s’ fabrics in my stash!!! LOL!! have a great sunday!!

  3. Maybe the lesson is – don’t take your kids shopping with you LOL… of course we went to get groceries today – should have taken my own advice huh?

    I want to see the deer panel!!

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