Design Wall Monday – 3/8/2010

Spring is here! Woo hoo! I have crocuses blooming in the front yard and tulips and other bulbs peeking through the ground. It is about time!

That makes it really hard to work on this –

This is the left side of my design wall, and I realize it might be hard to see (and yes, it IS on the wall crooked) but this is a picture of my whole cloth I started in Karen McTavish’s class. I am still marking in some of the background fill and cleaning up some of the feathers where they overlap.

This is the applique block that I made into a small wall quilt. I hung it up to wait for inspiration to strike with quilting ideas for the wide open spaces. If I can look at things for a while and visualize the space I need to fill, it really helps me come up with ideas, so I put this back up. It is high up on my wall so I can put smaller projects underneath it.

I have gotten some things done, as evidenced by NOT having the 2008 Round Robin blocks up on the wall, but you will all have to wait until Wednesday morning and my Quilter’s Accountability Report to see what I have been up to!

In case you are wondering what my Quilter’s Accountability Report is, I am holding myself accountable to you, my readers, to get certain things done. I am doing this as a challenge, and also inviting you to join me! If you have something you want to get finished and are having trouble getting that little extra nudge, let the rest of us help you. I am using Mr. Linky so that others can link to the post and we can cheer each other on. I absolutely can say this accountability has helped me a lot – especially knowing I have to tell you all every Wednesday! I have two old UFO’s totally finished, including quilting and binding, as well as another almost done, and at least one more to the flimsy stage (the applique block above is an 8 year-old UFO!). Join me and let us help each other!

Meanwhile, go on over to Judy’s Patchwork Times and see what everyone else has up on their design walls!


6 thoughts on “Design Wall Monday – 3/8/2010

  1. I have a wholecloth from a class I took years ago with Karen McTavish…I got to the point of cutting all the trampunto but haven’t quilted it. At this point, even bad quilting would be better than leaving it balled up in the bin. That’s if I could smooth it out enough to even quilt it.

      • I am the same way, Mary! I just left a comment on someone else’s blog, then went back and read it and found a typo. Ugh. That’s what I get for having a high school English teacher for a mother!

        I haven’t even gotten to the trapunto part….I have to decide what I am going to do with the middle of it first. The cutting away of the trapunto is the really HARD part! You are at one of the easier parts….and it will stretch back out. You are always so busy I don’t see how you would have much time for your own projects like this!

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