Things are happening!

I have actually gotten a lot of quilting-related stuff done this week.

Remember this? It is the memory quilt made from men’s shirts that I pieced for a friend. It is totally finished and delivered! Woo hoo! I thought it turned out really nice. I really like the secondary pattern that shows up once these are quilted and you stand back from them. It is almost a four-patch with sashing and cornerstones.

These are two of the six “pocket blocks” I incorporated into the quilt…..

Some have the pockets in the center and some are offset.

The fabrics were a little challenging as none are 100% cotton. They fray pretty badly and have some really wonky stretchiness going on.

This was on my design wall on Saturday, but has been taken down now. I have been playing with settings for my hexagons. I originally thought I would use a white with black print for the pathway hexagons, but now am leaning more toward solid white hexagons. I had to put them up just to see how they were looking!

This is what is on the left wall now…

(Sorry about the door. I actually have a pile of tax stuff sitting in front of the door and I can’t close it to get it out of the way of the design wall!). These are the pineapple blossom blocks for Keith and Angie’s wedding quilt. The pile of blocks on the sewing machine table are the rest of them – 81 total, and TOTALLY finished! Now to lay it out, then piece them.

This is on the right side of the wall….After the pineapple blossom blocks I wanted something simple and large to piece, so I started this on Saturday. It is the top for my local longarm group’s quilting challenge this year. We all do the exact same top, same colors, same fabric, same binding, and then quilt it however we want. At least the piecing is finished and I even picked out and prepped the backing fabric for it!

This is a close-up of the fabrics. They are all from the same line by Buggy Barn for Henry Glass with the small dots. The light is slightly off-white, the medium is an olive green almost, and the dark is black. The color of the green in the first picture is much closer to the original than this. It is hard to get a good picture that shows the dots!

You will have to come back Wednesday for my Quilter’s Accountability Report and I will show you what else I get finished up this week!

On a family tangent –

The Hunter needed time away from the office on Friday, plus it was supposed to be a gorgeous 65 degrees that day, with snow and sleet forcast for Saturday, so we loaded up the kids and the boat and went fishing at a local lake.

Here the kids are loaded up and ready to go.

The Hunter is ready (and who does Munchie remind you of?)

Here they all are fishing. It is always quite an adventure – hooks and lines are flying everywhere….LOL

And here was the great catch of the day…(and yes, Mini-me’s rosy cheeks are sunburned!)

And just so we wouldn’t get hasty about thinking spring was here – here is a photo from my back door including the deck and bird feeders.Here is another at the front bird feeder….

I hope this is ol’ man winter’s last hurrah……

For more inspiration in a quilting vein, mosey on over to Judy’s Patchwork Times and see what everyone else is up to!


14 thoughts on “Things are happening!

  1. Ohhh, the hexagons are very dramatic. I love pineapple blossom but haven’t tried it yet. I took a pineapple class and the ruler was the trick. Can’t wait to see your quilting designs. I am just beginning my long arm quilting, just love it.

  2. You have been very busy, I love the hexagons. Friday was a lovely spring day but then old man winter gave us 12 inches of snow here. What a surprise. LOL

  3. Oh you’ve been so busy (I love that sometimes). The pinapple quilt is so pretty. I love your quilting challenge quilt-that will be stunning!
    The pockets on the memory quilt is such a nice touch-it turned out great.
    you got a very nice family there-glad you could enjoy the weather and fishing!

  4. I LOVE the hexagons! My two-cents is that I would set them in a gold/yellow for that rich, bold look. BTW, I could never figure out that pineapple ruler. My blocks didn’t turn out to be the right size at all. ??

  5. You know, I was absolutely awestruck by what you’re doing patchwork wise, but then I got to the picture of the beautiful red cardinals, and I can’t think of anything else! I get the occasional woodpecker and jay in my central London garden, but nothing so gorgeous. Although as I’m now able to go shopping without hat & gloves I don’t envy you the snow!

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