Design Wall Monday

I have been sick the last couple of days, and not up to posting or doing much! I am feeling better now, fortunately….

I don’t have anything new on my design WALL, but here is what is on my cutting table to audition…

These are fabrics for the pillow case for the 2008 Round Robin block QOV. Once the pillow case is finished, the quilt will be totally done and ready to go to Alycia for the Honor Flight coming up in April.

These fabrics are pillow case kits my LQS was handing out. You sign up  for the kits, make the pillowcases, then take them back by May. Munchie and Mini-me were with me and picked out the colors. They were pre-kitted, so there wasn’t a lot of choice in color, but oh well.

Those are on line for today and tomorrow, plus here is a sneak peak at a customer quilt on my longarm right now –

Here is a full-size drawing I did of the feathers I plan to put in some of the open areas. You can see the outline of the blocks in black marker.

Lastly, Munchie’s hair has gotten so long that it gets tangled really easily….huge tangles underneath at the base of her neck. We had discussed getting it cut some to see if that would help make it easier to brush out. Here is Munch’s before picture….

You can see how long it is. The Hunter had a haircut last week along with Big Brother. Big Brother couldn’t make it, so Munchie went instead. It is now about four inches shorter – still below her shoulders and it can still be pulled into a pony tail. So far it is MUCH better to comb out! Woo hoo! Munch is excited!

Well, for more inspiration than what you see here, hop on over to Patchwork Times and see what is up on everyone else’s design wall!


7 thoughts on “Design Wall Monday

    • Just keep drawing! Whiteboards, scrap paper, doodle pads, whatever you have. Kimmy Brunner’s videos and workbooks are good as are many others!

  1. Hi – yes I did wonder if sharing my agony in such detail would put people off, then I decided to be selfish cos it helps!
    Love the top bubbles fabric like lizard skin…
    Interesting to see the longarm & the planned feathers, will look forward to seeing what it’s like when it’s done.
    Hope you feel better soon.

  2. love your pillowcase fabrics!!
    The feathers are going to look fabulous in those setting areas, love the setting of the quilt.

  3. I’m so sorry you’ve been sick. That’s what happened to me last week — it’s why I didn’t post a QA Report . . . I hope to have one ready for tomorrow, tho. Get better soon!

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