Quilter’s Accountability Report

I actually got quite a bit done this week, despite being sick and having a root canal finished up. I will spare you the details on that one!

Last week’s goals

  1. Round Robin – finish binding and label – FINISHED and pillowcase made!
  2. Keith and Angie’s wedding quilt – set blocks together, borders
  3. March First Saturday block – partially cut out, but not able to finish
  4. Civil War Tribute blocks – work on some of them, anything, again! – started sewing the other three Month 2 blocks together

I am really tickled with the 2008 Round Robin blocks that are now finished as a QOV for Alycia’s WWII veteran’s Honor Flight coming up April 20. To read more about Alycia’s Quilt of Valor projects go to her website. If you scroll down the right side you will see the numbers of quilts she has been collecting.

I have named this quilt “Light in the Darkness” because that is what these WWII vets were to all of us when they fought for freedom. The label was signed by all the ladies who contributed blocks.

These two pictures show close-ups of the panto I used on the quilt. It is called Agave and is by Urban Elementz. I LOVE their pantos!

I also finally made a pillow case! I used the “roll” method that finishes the inside seams. This one will go with the quilt for Alycia to deliver it in. The fabric the body of the case was made of is the focus fabric from the blocks.

I didn’t finish my First Saturday block because when I got the fabric out to cut it up yesterday I didn’t have enough of the main background fabric. This fabric had about a 3/4 inch wide selvage, and that just didn’t leave enough to cut out the necessary pieces. So yesterday I stopped by the LQS and exchanged it for another without selvage (imagine me giving up a selvage! I really didn’t WANT to!)

I did get started on piecing the last three blocks of Month 2 of the Civil War Tribute quilt. I posted about the first of these blocks here. I really had the air knocked out of me on this one, so it is nice to get them started again. I WILL NOT fall behind (too far anyway! LOL). This is not another UFO in the making….

I didn’t get anything done on Keith and Angie’s quilt, but at least the blocks are finished. I just need some time, kid-free, to lay all the blocks out on the basement floor to plan the layout. That hasn’t happened yet….

Here are the March goals I was attempting.

March Goals

  1. Finish Keith and Angie’s wedding quilt – their 1st anniversary is the 21st so that is my goal.
  2. Jinny Beyer Mirage quilt – finish pineapple blocks
  3. Civil War Tribute February blocks – finish one per week
  4. Shirt memory quilt
  5. 2008 Round Robin QOV blocks
  6. Start and finish March It’s a String Thing Challenge quilt
  7. Civil War Tribute March blocks
  8. Complete March First Saturday block
  9. Quilt one of my whole cloths started in Karen McTavish’s class
  10. Matt’s dinosaur quilt

Pretty dismal progress on all this…..I think I like the weekly goals better than the whole month overview goals (they are depressing because I am always overly ambitious for the time I have available, especially as summer is coming up!). So in other words, I won’t be doing the detailed monthly goals thing, but doing them weekly. Works better for my hectic lifestyle right now. Remember I told you these Accountability Reports were flexible and could be revised as life came along! 🙂

This week’s goals

  1. Finish two customer quilts
  2. Keith and Angie’s wedding quilt – set blocks together
  3. March First Saturday block – finish (by Friday AM!)
  4. Civil War Tribute blocks – finish all of Month 2 blocks

My big April goals are to piece two graduation quilts that need to be finished in May. One will be a simple Turning Twenty, I think, and the other is to piece my Not So Ugly Monkey blocks.

That will do it for now. I can’t believe that March is pretty much over and April is starting!

Accountability report links

Here is Mister Linky – join in the fun, let us know what you have accomplished this week, and check out what others have done! Remember, you can join in any time and for any length of time!

I will be away from the computer today, but will check in with you later this evening!

4 thoughts on “Quilter’s Accountability Report

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  3. I just sent quilts off to Alycia too. THis will make a lovely QOV.

    I stopped making formal lists because I found I was killing myself just so I could get it all done. I still start each day with a set of goals for what I want to work on and even decide what I want to accomplish over the week or month but I don’t load myself up as much now.

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