Design Wall Monday

I actually have something else up on my design wall this week!

This is my first Saturday block, Surprise Lily, and three more of my hexagon diamonds.

I had FUN putting these together, and am working on some of the white hexagons now to begin piecing the quilt portions.

These blocks are from my Not So Ugly Monkey fabric and will be for my niece’s graduation quilt. It will need to be a twin size and the blocks are 12″ finished. Any ideas on settings for them? I have them up on the wall to try to inspire myself, as time is beginning to get short! I also could do more blocks……. Personally, I am not all the big a fan of sampler-type quilts….they tax my brain too much trying to figure out how to put them together!

This is a quick photo of some of the feathers on the current quilt I am working on. This has been fun! Can’t wait to finish it!

Mosey on over to Judy’s Patchwork Times and see what others have to inspire you on their walls!


10 thoughts on “Design Wall Monday

  1. Love the feathers!!!! Can you share with me how you get them to look so perfect? Do you have a quilting frame?
    Stencil? Free hand? Great job!

  2. Those hexagons are fabulous! I love how you used the bold lines in the fabrics to create a unique effect in each block.
    Your sampler blocks are great too. I think sashing them with little blocks at each join is fun…the little blocks could also be a variety, or all the same…maybe some pinwheels, stars, square in a square, etc.

  3. Great job on everything. You sure get a lot done for being under the weather!!! I LOVE the feathers. As far as setting those blocks together…I can’t make a decision about anything, so I’m no help there. However, I have a book called “Great Sets” by Sharyn Craig that helps with different settings. You’re welcome to use if it you would like.

  4. Everything I saw on your blog is pretty. Love the feathers; love the red and black/white hexs; love the colors in the sampler quilt. Looking forward to seeing them completed. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Your feathers are beautiful.

    Setting on your sampler quilt: numbering the blocks 1 – 12 from L to R I would rearrange thus = 8,10,6,1,4,2,3,5,9,12,11,7.

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