Quilter’s Accountability Report

Hmmm, I wish I knew what to tell you as far as what I have been up to this week. Oh – I remember….we went fishing all day on Saturday and then Easter and family stuff was Sunday! A dentist appointment to get my stitches out took all morning yesterday…that has pretty much taken care of it!

Here are my goals for last week, and what I have accomplished……

Last week’s goals

  1. Finish two customer quilts – one will be finished this afternoon, feathers finished on the other
  2. Keith and Angie’s wedding quilt – set blocks together – NADA
  3. March First Saturday block – finish (by Friday AM!) – finished!
  4. Civil War Tribute blocks – finish all of Month 2 blocks – half way done with all three

I mailed my 2008 Round Robin QOV to Alycia on Monday for her Honor Flight QOV program. I am also relieved to be getting quite a bit done on the Civil War Tribute blocks. That quilt will NOT become a UFO!

I spent a LOT of time on the tutorial here on the design process I used for the feathers on Nadine’s quilt…that wasn’t a goal, but it sure was fun!

I used a similar process to put a birthdate on the baby quilt I am finishing up today. I designed the birthdate in a font that I liked on the computer. I had to use a HUGE font size to fit in the space (24″ by 8″). Then I cut the letters apart so that I could play with the placement of the letters. I ended up using this arc as the quilt is a Noah’s Ark quilt and then quilted rainbows above and below the date. I copied it on to the Golden Threads paper….then quilted right over it! So fast and easy.

I won’t get a lot done this week as I have classes both Thursday and Friday at the Round Bobbin in Springfield. One is an applique class and the other is a feather class. I will post pictures and let you know how they go!

This week’s goals

  1. Finish both customer quilts!
  2. Finish Civil War Tribute blocks from Month 2
  3. Lay out Keith and Angie’s wedding quilt to set together

I think that will be enough to keep me busy!

Accountability report links

Here is Mister Linky – join in the fun, let us know what you have accomplished this week, and check out what others have done! Remember, you can join in any time and for any length of time!

I will be away from the computer again today, but will check in with you later this evening!


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