Some of what we have been up to….

I haven’t had much time to post lately, so this will kind of catch you up on what we have been up to.

This is Big Brother’s 23 pound gobbler that he got during the youth turkey hunt last weekend. We have already had some and it is wonderful! The Hunter finally has the secret down to cooking these birds. We tried Big Brother’s bird from last year on the Green Egg, and talk about tough and stringy! Whoa! For those that care, the gobbler’s beard was about 10 inches long and the longest spur was 1-1/8 inch. Wonderful hunt!

We have been doing some crappie fishing and caught 23 keepers last Monday and 23 keepers on Wednesday. Woo hoo! Got to love those crappie – nothing like fresh fish on the table. The kids had been after The Hunter for fresh fish for a while, so we are all happy campers. Though with five folks on the boat trying to fish (with two of them being 5 years old) it is NOT the relaxing, stress-relieving time that The Hunter and I used to have. Mini-me actually caught 12 keepers on the first day, and would have had twice that if he would pay attention and set the hook enough to get them all in the boat. Big Brother had a great day on Wednesday and then helped Munchie finally land two keepers, so EVERYONE was happy!

This is Mini-me getting fitted for a tux. He is going to be the ring bearer in my brother’s wedding in May. Bob (“Me” of the “Mini-me” duo) picked him last week to take him shopping and was kind enough to send me a picture! Any guesses how they got those monikers? Mini-me is a carbon copy of my brother!

I’ve been working on vegetable gardens all week. The Hunter put together the frames for me, and the kids and I have done the rest.

I am doing these using the Square Foot Garden technique as we have such lousy soil here and the nasty, invasive grasses drive me bonkers. One bed is completely finished and ready to plant and the other needs some more of the soil mix, called Mel’s Mix, before I can plant anything. I am going to attempt to use the same grid system on my two other garden areas (plus the weed barrier!) to see if I can get more vegetables. We will see….

The idea is to plant different crops in each “square foot” to conserve on space. For instance, 16 carrots can be planted in one square foot, or one tomato plant. Just depends on the plant’s size when grown. For now, the visual of having the bed sectioned off really helps in seeing how much one bed can hold. 

I have to build fencing next to keep the varmints out!

Here is what the kids did when they weren’t helping me build the gardens. Think they need a bath?

These beds were finished up this afternoon, and it just so happened a neighbor walked by and told the kids and I he had seen a baby squirrel down the road and wondered if we would like to see it also. Can you imagine what Munchie and Mini-me said to that one? Plus I had never seen a baby squirrel either, and The Hunter will be the first to tell you that I am game for anything like that!

Sure enough, we get down there and couldn’t find him at first, but as we were walking I heard some rustling in the brush and out pops this teeny-weeny squirrel and he comes running right up to us! He was fairly emaciated, and was shaking from being cold and hungry probably. I figure he must have fallen out of a nest and was pretty desperate for food and water to come running up to a human! I sat down and he climbed over my leg and started chewing on my blue jeans.

There was nothing to do for the kids but to walk back to the house and get something for him to eat. We gathered up some sunflower seeds and some lukewarm milk for him and walked back. He had gone back into the brush and the minute we came up he popped right back out.

He really liked the nuts

 and even figured out after some trial and error how to lap up some of the  milk. You can see from this photo how emaciated he is. I assume he has been away from momma for a while.

After a little bit, he climbed back up into the container of sunflower seeds and went to town.

After cleaning up his milky feet, he finally squirmed around until he was totally inside the container. I figure it made him almost feel like he was back in his nest. That is Munchie’s little hand next to him.

Here are Munchie and Mini-me holding the container, with the squirrel still snuggled up inside with his tail covering him like a blanket. I had planned on just leaving the milk and seeds, but I sure couldn’t run the little bugger out of the container after he was so cuddled up in it, so we placed the container, with the squirrel in it, in the middle of a sticker bush at the edge of the woods.

I didn’t have the heart to tell the kids he probably wouldn’t make it. I did tell them a dog or cat might find him and eat him. But I can guarantee we will be walking down the road to check on him in the morning!


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