Stash Report – April 18, 2010

Wow, I so can’t believe it is the middle of April!

Life has been busy so the computer has been the last thing I have been able to get to lately, so pardon the scarce posts……I didn’t even have time to do a stash report last week. But, last week was an easy one – nothing, nada, no change from the week before.

This week though, I ordered some backing material for my Civil War Tribute quilt. I found some really cool backing at the Fat Quarter Shop and just had to get it before they ran out. This is 108″ wide fabric so I don’t even have to piece it! YAY! It also was a great bargain as the price at $12 per yard was quite a bit cheaper than if I had bought standard 42″ wide fabric.

Here is the fabric I bought along with the link to the site

And since I only got 4 1/2 yards, that is all I have to count in my stash report even though it is 108″ wide!

Here is the version that I REALLY liked, but it was available only in the 42″ width, and I just was NOT going to go there!

So here are my stats for the last two weeks –

Used the last two weeks:  0 yards
Used this year:  84.81 yards
Added the last two weeks:   4.5 yards
Added this year:   37.71 yards
Net used for 2010:  47.1 yards from stash

Still pretty well…at least I am still happy with it. To check out how everyone else is doing, hop on over to Judy’s blog!


6 thoughts on “Stash Report – April 18, 2010

  1. Great fabric buy and with it being 108″ instead of only the 42″, I think you picked the best choice. Nice going and your numbers showing the usage of your stash is great. Jane

  2. That is lovely and the brown is my favorite. I am working on the Civil War Dairy quilt but I saw the Tribute quilt at the quilt shop. It is very pretty.

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