Saturday in the rain…

Well, The Hunter went turkey hunting this morning and got wet. Now he and Mini-me are fishing and getting wet!

Munchie and I have been busy getting ready for a family dinner tonight. My grandmother is in town and we are all going to Mom and Dad’s for supper tonight. I am responsible for the bread and dessert. Dad is fixing a pork loin on the Green Egg.

Here is my first attempt at totally making bread from scratch. I don’t have a mixer that can knead the dough, so I had to do it by hand. This is a recipe my friend Cathy gave me for a Honey-Wheat bread. It is to die for! Yummy! (Or at least, Cathy’s was. We will see if this is edible!)

I don’t have two loaf pans that are the same, so one was baked in a clear glass pan (the taller one) and the other in a coated metal pan. I measured the dough, and the pre-cooking weight in each pan was the same. I also figured out I need to lower the baking rack, as the taller loaf got a little dark on top.  I forgot to brush milk or water on them prior to baking also. Oh well, not too bad for a first time. I think I kneaded them for a little over 10 minutes, just to make sure they were done enough.

Munchie and I made a couple of lemon meringue pies for dessert. That is The Hunter’s all-time favorite dessert, but he doesn’t get it often as the kids don’t like it.

I thought you might be interested in this – I used both store-bought and home-grown eggs. Can you tell which is home-grown in this picture?

Amazing the difference in the home-grown eggs. This one came from an Arucana chicken as the shell was a dark green. I love the deep gold color. Mmmmm. The Hunter is hunting turkeys on a friend’s place and the friend has given him a couple dozen of these beautiful eggs. I used all home-grown eggs in the bread.

And here are the two pies finishing up in the oven.

Life is good! Now I just need to get some quilting done!


3 thoughts on “Saturday in the rain…

  1. Bari,
    Your bread is beautiful!!!! Can’t wait to hear how everyone loved it! Yes, there is no doubt which egg is the “home grown” one – LOL!
    Those pies are AMAZING! The Hunter is one lucky man!!!
    Thanks for sharing,

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