Quilter’s Accountability Report – May 5, 2010

Wednesday?! No way! It CAN’T be Wednesday already!! Where in the world has the week gone?
I actually haven’t done much quilting wise. The Hunter got called out-of-town for an emergency situation last Friday morning, so I have been manning the home front alone….well, not TOTALLY alone, as I have two five-year old helpers. (Do we include the stuffed critters and the dog?).
I have one funny non-quilting thing to relate to you all. I just can’t keep it to myself. I have been cooking bread and doing quite a few things from scratch for a while. Canning tomatoes, stuff like that. The kids never know what I am coming up with next (I come by it naturally, my mom taught me well! She even fed us snapping turtle meat from a huge snapper we caught in our pond one year!). Tonight all three kids and I were at the supper table after homemade deer/turkey lasagna, and fresh home-cooked rolls. Somehow the discussion turned to worms (five-year-old boys…what can you expect?). Mini-me was going on about them and how a person would eat them. I said the best way would be to slurp them up like spaghetti – you know, stick one end in your mouth and suck the rest right up. Mini-me kept on, and I made the comment about how they all knew how I was into making stuff from scratch and using fresh goodies out of the garden. Well, I told them later this spring, when “they were ready”, I was going to have the kids help me dig up a bunch of earthworms and I would fry them for supper. I described rolling them in egg and flour, then frying them…kind of like chicken or the deer we have been eating. Mini-me and Munchie just kind of laughed and looked at me, but Big Brother actually BELIEVED me!  I glanced over at him and his jaw was hanging down and he had the most horrified look on his face. I SO wish I had my camera with me! He cracked me up!  Absolutely PRICELESS!  🙂
Back to quilting related stuff –  the bottom line is that I don’t think I have even set foot in my sewing room since Thursday. That is, if you don’t count emptying the trash for dumpster pickup this evening. 

Last week’s goals

  1. Finish First Saturday BOM – DONE
  2. Label for American Primer quilt – DONE
  3. Finish Nadine’s quilt
  4. Finish CWT blocks for month 2 – trimmed about 1/4 of the half-square triangles
  5. Krystal’s graduation quilt – begin piecing – I actually began cutting out fabric, but that was last Thursday I think.
  6. Jordan’s graduation quilt – decide on setting and begin putting together – looked at a book for setting ideas

I did get my two “must do” things done this week, but made dismal progress on anything else. Nadine’s quilt is still languishing on the machine, sassing me for neglecting her every time I walk by. (Do you hear a guilty conscience talking there?). I washed the fabric I picked up Friday at my LQS’ First Saturday block of the month meeting. I have another Ozark Lily block to do and have month 5 of the Civil War Tribute kit – pictures of those, with the already washed fabrics, are below.

This is the Ozark Lily block from last month and the fabric for this month’s block above it.

Month 5’s Civil War Tribute fabric and block.

Here are the fabrics and some of the strips that I will be using in a graduation quilt for a niece. The border fabric and one of the accent fabrics have some beautiful green in them also. Should be a fun quilt, and purple is Krystal’s favorite color.

I almost forgot – I finished these four pillowcases to take back to the LQS last Friday. They will go to a local charity and are included in the million pillowcase challenge. These were from fabric donated by the quilt shop, so I wasn’t even able to include them in my stash report!

Hmmmm….I actually did get some stuff done. Maybe I didn’t do as bad as I thought! I guess that having done it all last Wednesday afternoon or Thursday just makes it seem like I have done nothing at all. See, these accountability reports help! Especially if you take pictures of stuff you get done so you don’t forget them and think you have done absolutely nothing when report time comes around.

This week’s goals:

  1. Finish Nadine’s quilt
  2. Finish CWT blocks for month 2
  3. Krystal’s graduation quilt – begin piecing
  4. Jordan’s graduation quilt – decide on setting and begin putting together

Does it look like a broken record or what? We will see what happens!

Accountability report links

So, what are you up to this week? Let’s help and encourage each other – heaven knows we need it (some more than others, such as me!). Don’t forget to click on Mr. Linky to join in the fun and to see how much more everyone else has done than me…..

I will check in with you later this evening!


4 thoughts on “Quilter’s Accountability Report – May 5, 2010

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  2. Yeah, once you start listing it, you see how much you DID get done! I’m a flop for April . . . but you may notice I’m undaunted and getting a fresh start for May — hahaha!

  3. Don’t let Big Brother watch Discovery channel or that Bizarre Foods show or he’ll find out that there are places in the world where they really do eat bugs (and they’re not even breaded)!!!

    You did get a lot done — good for you! That CW tribute block looks like a humdinger! And those cool purples for your niece’s quilt look lovely. Should be a fun week!

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