Quilter’s Accountability Report – May 12, 2010

Another Wednesday is here! Does it seem like the year is just flying by? We are almost halfway through 2010…..wow!

I was finally able to get some stuff done this week…well, Monday and Tuesday of this week anyway! I was reminded on Sunday that I have a baby shower next Saturday and I hadn’t even started a quilt for that, so Monday I put together a Bazooples panel, some backing fabric and a couple of options for binding and got to work. The quilt is almost finished except for stitching the binding down and adding a label. This photo shows the fabric from my Design Wall Monday post (I am even going to have stash usage to report next Sunday! Woo hoo!). The black polka-dot fabric is the backing and I am using the solid green for binding. A pretty easy quilt…..!

This is for a lady in my Women’s Bible Study group, a boy, and their first child. Their nursery is being done in green, white, and black, and the original plan was to use zebras, but they weren’t able to find any with the right coordinating colors, so they switched to elephants. Either way, I think this panel will work wonderfully!

The other thing I have  been able to work on is the graduation quilt for Krystal, a niece. I decided to do an All Squared Up quilt in purples with green accents. All 35 blocks are finished and ready to be sewn together!

Last week’s goals:

  1. Finish Nadine’s quilt
  2. Finish CWT blocks for month 2
  3. Krystal’s graduation quilt – begin piecing  – Blocks finished, need to be sewn together
  4. Jordan’s graduation quilt – decide on setting and begin putting together

Obviously, the shower quilt is not even on the list, so does that make me ahead of the ball game or behind?  😉

This week’s goals:

  1. Finish Bazooples baby quilt, binding and label
  2. Finish Nadine’s quilt
  3. Finish CWT blocks for month 2
  4. Finish Krystal’s top, including borders
  5. Decide on a setting for Jordan’s quilt
  6. Piece and quilt ANOTHER baby quilt for a shower May 23rd

If this coming week goes anything like the last month has, I don’t expect to get much of that done. I guess priorities will be the Bazooples quilt, the other baby quilt, and Krystal’s top. The in-laws are taking the kids on Thursday (I am praying there are no problems!) so that will help. I think I would like to dedicate that kid-free day to working on Nadine’s quilt.

Accountability report links

What are you doing this week? Want to just peek at what we are up to and trying to accomplish? Want to cheer us on to actually finish some stuff? Then join in and visit! Click on Mr. Linky to see who is playing and what they have accomplished since last week!

I will check in with you later this evening!


9 thoughts on “Quilter’s Accountability Report – May 12, 2010

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  2. Cute baby quilt panel . . . you are busy busy! And I so understand the making of a list and just knowing that it can’t possibly all get done. That’s what I do every week!

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  4. Love those panels and baby-sized quilts, they are the ultimate in quick quilts. And it looks like you’ve got all the desired the animals covered and then some!

    These weeks ARE moving fast but I saw a proverb on a blog once that I keep posted in my quilt space:
    “Be not afraid of growing slowly, be only afraid of standing still.”

    I think we are all moving with the spirit!

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