Saturday at the ranch….

Guess what the Hunter got me for Mother’s Day? Remember THIS post about the commercial meat grinder?

Well, look what I got from UPS yesterday!

A Viking Professional 5-quart stand mixer. I am SO thrilled! Those frequent flyer miles sure come in handy for something! LOL

I didn’t have time to cook until this afternoon, so as a thank you to The Hunter I made his favorite pie – lemon meringue.

…and look at that LOFTY meringue! I could never have done that with ol’ Betty Crocker!

I also made Cowboy Cookies from the Not Quite June Cleaver blog – really good cookies. They are similar to a recipe I had years ago called Ranger Cookies. The last step you put in oats, chocolate chip cookies, and coconut. This mixer waded right through those cookies like a cowboy on horseback through a herd of cows – no problem at all! I am in love!

Mini-me and Munchie have been playing with the Lincoln Logs lately. Mini-me made this and had to have a picture. Of course, Munchie had to get in on the action!

..and here is the result….he fell asleep watching Veggie Tales Pistachio!


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