Garden & plant photos

I have shown you all some of the photos of my gardens in progress. I took some more the other day to show that I really haven’t just been sitting in front of the TV watching Oprah and soap operas eating bon-bons.

I am using the Square Foot Gardening technique as our soil is not very good….and has a lot of Bermuda grass. This is to hopefully help with that. In this section are onions, broccoli, cauliflower, peas, beans, radishes and beats.

This section of the same bed has two peppers, lettuce, corn, and one marigold.

This is a bed at the retaining wall near our garage with more cauliflower and broccoli. I was over at my mom’s today and saw she had already harvested some broccoli! Can’t wait. These plants are actually bigger than the ones down in the other bed, but were all planted at the same time. The Hunter thinks it is because of the heat from the retaining wall keeping them warmer on the cold nights.

Some tomato plants. I have one more so far, up in the retaining wall bed. I am definitely going to have to have more tomatoes….on second thought, maybe I can buy some of Judy L.’s surplus! LOL

These are some peas on the south side of the house. You can see this is before all the rain we have had the last week – these were all taken on the 9th, and the peas are now up about four or five inches tall! I also planted some asparagus crowns to the left of these peas.

Some comic relief – the kids were “stalking” a bird. Think they got him? Notice how thick the woods are behind them? This is the result of the ice storm of 2007 breaking down the canopy of the woods around here. Now enough sun gets to the ground that we are growing all kinds of things…good and evil! We have poison ivy, poison oak, Virginia creeper, hedge….not to mention oaks, elms, walnuts, black berries and other stuff.

Here is a blackberry blossom.

Sassafras (I think!)

Dogwood leaves

Clematis blooms – this is the best our Clematis has ever bloomed!

A close up of the clematis…

This spikey purple flower is chives.

Just one of the hundreds of blooms on our two knock out rose bushes…

Isn’t creation beautiful?! Enjoy the spring!


5 thoughts on “Garden & plant photos

  1. I love your place and all the garden plots. Those raised beds are great. Are they hard to build?
    I especially like the floral closeups. Those could be printed on card stock and used as greeting cards. I enjoyed your photos very much.

    • Mary, the raised beds are very easy to make! I love them…just wish I had more of them. Or actually, more sunshine to put gardens in! If you go to the Square Foot Garden website, they give ideas on how to build them – basically 4′ by 4′ or 4′ by 8′ boxes with a mixture of compost, vermiculite, and peat moss put in them. The SFG website is here –

      Thanks on the pictures. I LOVE to take pictures! I am so happy it is all digital now, because it takes me so many to get one or two decent ones!

  2. Oh! Those kids remind me when my crazy uncle sent us outside with the salt shaker! If you sprinkle salt on the tail of a bird, you make it tame! Or so he alleged. LOL

    • Hmmmmm. I may have to try that. I am sure that would keep them occupied for a few hours! LOL

      I had an aunt and uncle like that – I loved going to their place when I was growing up! So much fun!

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