Quilter’s Accountability Report – May 19, 2010

For once I have actually gotten some things finished! Quilting-wise anyway!

First to re-cap, here are last week’s goals:

  1. Finish Bazooples baby quilt, binding and label – DONE and delivered
  2. Finish Nadine’s quilt
  3. Finish CWT blocks for month 2 –I actually worked on some of it, but NOT done.
  4. Finish Krystal’s top, including borders – DONE
  5. Decide on a setting for Jordan’s quilt – DONE
  6. Piece and quilt ANOTHER baby quilt for a shower May 23rd – DONE

Here is the Bazooples quilt – finished and bound.

Krystal’s purple All Squared Up top is also finished and on the machine to be quilted. This is a twin size quilt for when she goes off to college. Sorry about the angle on the picture. It is big enough it won’t fit on my design wall and I don’t like hanging just the tops for pictures – I am afraid they will stretch out of shape.

I borrowed a book from a friend, Portia, to figure out a setting for the “Not So Ugly Monkey” blocks that I started as a challenge last year. This was out of fabric that was hard to work with, but I wanted to use it for a quilt for my niece, Jordan. I have had 12 blocks finished for quite some time (see Design Wall Monday post here) and just was having trouble visualizing what I wanted the top to look like. The book, Great Sets, by Sharyn Craig really helped!

Here is my EQ6 map of the quilt –

I finished the bright pink bug quilt for the baby shower on Sunday. It is really cute. Binding is in progress and the label not far behind! I don’t have a picture of it yet, but will post one later in the week after it is bound and washed.

So…what to do this week…..hmmmm….

This week’s goals

  1. Finish binding on shower quilt for Sunday
  2. Finish quilting purple All Squared Up quilt
  3. Finish Nadine’s quilt
  4. Finish Civil War Tribute month 2 blocks (on the list AGAIN! You would think I would tire of this…..)
  5. Prepare for guild string quilt retreat on Friday and Saturday

I think I am over-scheduling myself again…..what do you think? Oh well, that is my life…..

Accountability report links

Here is Mister Linky – join in the fun, let us know what you have accomplished this week, and check out what others have done! Remember, you can join in any time and for any length of time!

I will check in with you later today!


10 thoughts on “Quilter’s Accountability Report – May 19, 2010

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  2. Wow Bari, you were rockin’ this week! That baby quilt turned out cute — and quick!

    That EQ layout looks really good — did you scan the actual fabrics in or is that just representational colors? That one looks really good and now that you have your map, the journey’s begun!

    • Vivian, the EQ layout is mostly representational colors or fabrics, as similar as I could get without TOO much effort! LOL. The focus fabric was actually from a picture that I had put on my blog – I imported that picture of the fabric into EQ and used it.

      I LOVE EQ! It really helps with stuff like this.

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  4. You’ve been busy!

    Don’t you just love EQ6? I got to see a preview of EQ7 today and I can’t wait until my upgrade gets here in June. I also have that book by Sharon Craig and her twisted set is one of my favorites.

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