Design Wall Monday – May 24, 2010

Something  new!

My local guild had a string retreat Friday and Saturday where we all got to try some new string quilt techniques. I had a new jelly roll that I wanted to use to try some kaleidoscope blocks I have seen on several blogs this year. Problem was, in my rush to leave for the retreat, I picked up a 22.5 degree wedge ruler instead of the 45 degree kaleidoscope ruler. I pieced my first 5 strips of the jelly roll and started cutting with what I thought was the kaleidoscope ruler. As I was cutting them out I realized I had the wrong ruler and those were DEFINITELY NOT going to make kaleidoscope blocks! Too late to quit so I continued cutting them out, but the WOF of the jelly roll was enough to get only 14 of the 16 wedges needed to make a complete circle….Hmmmm, major goof number 2!

Plan B – make a funky shaped table topper! I think I will applique some flowers on what will be the two corners on the left and in the little indentation on the right side. A good item for our guild’s boutique at our quilt show as the colors don’t go at all with my house!

That was on Friday. Plan C for Friday was to work on my Bali Zinger string blocks, and I did get 8 more of those started.

I regrouped for Saturday morning and actually found the correct ruler. So my first order of business was to use the rest of the jelly roll to make strips for the kaleidoscope blocks. Here are the three blocks with no corner triangles.

I found that one jelly roll would have made five blocks total if I hadn’t messed up Friday evening….Oh well! LOL

I really like these blocks and will definitely do more of them! They were fun!

My last project for Saturday was to begin a small selvage zinger quilt. Ladies in my guild have been bringing me selvages since the first of the year and have been asking what I do with them. So far I have just made pot holders and little sewing kits, so I wanted to show them a little more.

This section is 8″ by 8″ – so each quarter is only a 4″ block. I think I will keep this one small, and maybe make it only 4 by 4, or 16 units total. I adore selvages and especially love the zinger quilts!

I know – this is NOT what I needed. More projects in the bag! LOL! If you want to see what other overachievers are working on, head over to Judy’s blog and check it out!


6 thoughts on “Design Wall Monday – May 24, 2010

  1. I always end up with more projects than intended! Your’s are great, love the table runner idea, and I would love to try the kaleidoscope block, it reminds me of the spider web string blocks/quilts I’ve seen. I like the idea of using a jellyroll.

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