Wedding fun…..

My brother got married Sunday to an absolutely wonderful woman. Mini-me and Munchie also got to be ring-bearer and flower girl so it was quite an exciting weekend.

Here is Mini-me and my brother, along with the minister, walking out at the beginning of the ceremony. Meet “Me” and “Mini-me”. You would NOT believe the resemblance between the two. Everyone who knew me and my brother growing up say that Mini-me looks just like him. He even chews his fingernails just like my brother! (Though I will admit I have never seen my brother chewing on his toe nails like Mini-me does…), The two have quite the time playing the “You’re Mini-me” and “No, I’m Me” game. Not sure who wins, but the five-year old seems to always get the last word in.

Here is Munchie following the Matron of Honor and followed by the bride. She did a wonderful job of throwing the petals.

The bride and groom.

Some photos of the kids while the ceremony was going on…

Look at the size of the rock he was responsible for! Very creative and wonderful idea for the rings! (Plus it kept them safe from …..ummm….whatever might have happened to them).

Is it over yet?

and Munchie was winding down also.

I will have to tell you though, that the whole ceremony with the kids went much better than expected. During the rehearsal, Mini-me refused to walk back out the aisle with his sister (especially when she tried to hold his hand! LOL). When we made him do it, you couldn’t exactly say that he had a smile on his face. We than had to MAKE him smile while he was doing it! I hope someone got a photo of it because it was priceless. Saturday evening I came up with the brilliant idea to bribe him with Twizzlers. I packed a sandwich baggy with Twizzlers and showed it to Mini-me. I told him if he made it through the ceremony and walked willingly down the aisle with Munchie, that he would get the Twizzlers when it was over. He said he would even smile for that, but asked if it was okay if he didn’t hold her hand. I told him we could handle that.See this photo? I was on the front row on the groom’s side and had just pulled the Twizzlers out of my purse and waved them at him to “remind” him what was waiting!  (Can you guess where he was, looking for his prize, the minute they were done with the recessional?)

Finally….the wedding party!

My brother is so much in love. It is really cool to see. His bride is surely an answer to our prayers!

Aren’t they just the most beautiful kids you have ever seen?

This is my dad’s mom, so the kids’ great-grandmother. She is 90 this year and still drives from Iowa to here to visit.

The facility the wedding was held in was absolutely gorgeous. I took some photos of windows, upholstery, and woodwork for quilting ideas.

At one point, Munchie tried to get Mini-me to dance with her. He was having absolutely NONE of that and was pretty forceful about it. Another young girl came over and danced with Munchie. Mini-me looked up at me and said, “She doesn’t need a GIRL, she needs a BOY, and I AM NOT THAT BOY!” Oh my gosh! Me and everyone around me just totally lost it! Is that not the funniest thing?

This has to be one of my favorite photos – The Hunter. I am so blessed to be married to this man and to have his children!  He is an incredible gift from God and I am grateful everyday to share life with him. I just pray that my brother and his new bride are as blessed as we are!


7 thoughts on “Wedding fun…..

  1. I love all the photos and agree – you are blesses 😉 But that photo of Mini Me yawning – totally priceless!!!

    Glad you had a great weekend – everyone looks beautiful!

  2. Thanks for sharing the pictures. They are GREAT. I expecially like the kids “wearing down” during the wedding.

  3. What precious pictures. Wish we could have been there. We pray too that Bob and Shelli will have a long, happy marriage. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  4. Bari,

    I can’t believe the kids have grown so much. They are beautiful. I got the link from your mom when I was in Springfield 2 weeks ago.

    Hope this finds you well.

  5. Bari ~
    I got the wedding video from Shelly and John over the weekend I cracked up watching Matt spinning around in circle during the ceremony. I will send the DVD back with Bob next week you will crack up.
    It was so nice to see you, Jeff, and the kids over the weekend we had agreat time. I have lots of pictures we will get them together over the weekend.

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