Baseball fun

What more can be said about having fun at baseball games? Except how sad a face can we put on for the camera?


4 thoughts on “Baseball fun

  1. I do believe that must be the saddest face I have ever seen!!! What in the world caused it? Hope mini-me has a much happier face today!


    • He is such an actor…that was strictly for the camera! LOL – see those little GI Joe men? A little friend of his misplaced them at the ball park the week before when they were playing with them. Mini-me found them and brought them back to me so that we could give them to Cole next time we saw him. Guess what is still hanging around in my purse?

    • Maybe Skittles or Laffy Taffy or something that Mommy won’t buy him because he already spent and ate his money! LOL.

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