Quilter’s Accountability Report – July 14, 2010

Things have been quite eventful this week, though not at all like I had planned. Remember that pesky root canal that took so long earlier this spring? Well, it had abscessed, and when I went in for my regular check up last Wednesday, I had to have ANOTHER root canal on the same tooth to relieve the abscess – that happened on Wednesday and Thursday (yes, both days!). Unfortunately the cyst went clear up into my sinuses and I had to go to an oral surgeon. In fact, one of the dental assistants drove the kids and I to the surgeon’s office Thursday afternoon. My dentist wanted him to see what was going on. The oral surgeon took one look and asked when I had eaten last…..uh oh! He would have done the surgery right then if it hadn’t been for the kids, lunch, and no driver with Jeff out of town!  End result was that I went back in Friday morning for the surgery. Friday and Saturday are very much a blur. Good drugs, I think.

Other than being tired (more-so than normal!) I am pretty much back to my old self except I can’t smile, yawn, or laugh hard because it hurts, and I sure don’t want anyone punching me in the nose or mouth!

Needless to say, that has upset my quilting plans some.

Last week’s goals

  1. Bind and label Jessyca’s baby quilt – DONE!
  2. Jordan’s quilt – cut fabrics – NADA
  3. Civil War Tribute month 3 blocks  – started
  4. SWMO Longarm group challenge quilt – NADA
  5. Rose applique wall hanging – NADA

I was able to get Jessyca’s baby quilt finished. I put the binding on all by machine and then hand stitched the label on Saturday afternoon but I sure took a nap afterwards. I was so out of it that I didn’t get finished pictures of the quilt before I gave it away, which is really rare.

Sunday evening I even played with designs for my applique rose wall hanging, but finally gave up and went to lay on the couch for a while. I tried anyway!

You will be impressed at this – just don’t look at the messy room and table….Those are the Civil War Tribute month 3 blocks in progress. Did I ever mention how many pesky half-square triangles there are in these blocks? Or how much trimming of each section you have to do to ensure that each block turns out the right size? You can see some of my “trimmings” there by the rotary cutter. You can also see the pile of fabrics for Jordan’s quilt right there by the scissors, all ready to cut. I didn’t even want to go there!

I did start piecing my First Saturday block for this month and have it all done except for stitching on the last two rows of the block.

Finally, I pieced the binding and stitched it down to one side of both of the table runners I finished up last week. I will work on hand sewing the binding when I just want to “veg” on the couch.

So all in all, it wasn’t too bad a week.

Now, for this next one……

This week’s goals

  1. Civil War Tribute month 3 blocks
  2. Finish First Saturday block
  3. Continue working on binding the table runners
  4. Longarm challenge quilt
  5. Applique rose wall hanging
  6. Update my stash report (which hasn’t been done since May 16)

I will continue keeping on with what I am doing….I do need to figure out my stash report though, as I have had a significant number of quilts from stash going out lately. I also wrote the numbers down as I made the quilts….I just can’t remember where I put the notes. I thought they were right there on my cutting table in the picture above, but couldn’t find them the other day. The pages have obviously hidden under something else, just to aggravate me and make me think I am losing my  mind. 

So what have you been up to this summer? How did you do on your goals this week?

Accountability report links

Here is Mister Linky – join in the fun and let us know what you have accomplished this week! Remember with my WordPress blog, you have to actually click on the link to see who has joined up and visit their sites, even if you don’t actually want to link up!

I will check in with you later today!


7 thoughts on “Quilter’s Accountability Report – July 14, 2010

  1. Wow you have had a trying week. a second root canal is bad enough with out adding the sinus part. You still got something done. How do you do it?

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  4. oh poor you – it sounds like you had a horrible week. I don’t know how you got anything done, I know I wouldn’t. Hope you’re fully recovered now?

  5. What! No pics of your puffy face???!!!! Sorry, couldn’t resist. You should have called me – I would have been happy to help.
    Hope you are much better now!

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