Quilter’s Accountability Report – July 21, 2010

Anyone know when things slow down? Just askin’ you know….hopeful anyway….LOL.

I have gotten some done this week, though as always not nearly what I have wanted to. I forgot when I made my goals last week that Mini-me and Munchie had Kindergarten Camp at our local church camp Saturday and that we have visitors coming in for an overnight today and The Hunter’s mother and two of his nephews coming in on Saturday. In other words, I didn’t get much done except for cleaning house this weekend and so far this week.

Last week’s goals

  1. Civil War Tribute month 3 blocks – Nothing done
  2. Finish First Saturday block  – FINISHED!
  3. Continue working on binding the table runners – some more done, but not finished
  4. Longarm challenge quilt – not done
  5. Applique rose wall hanging – hung on design wall
  6. Update my stash report (which hasn’t been done since May 16) – haven’t had time to look for the lost paperwork!

So – not a lot done, but I did work on a couple of things. This is the second coloring of the block Merrily’s Baskets. I can’t claim that this took long because I had all but two seams finished last Wednesday. At least it is done!

I didn’t get a design figured out on this one yet, but at least it is up on the design wall for inspiration! I did draft a pattern of it on freezer paper to audition designs. I think the problem I am having is the square corner portions – I should have left the block on the diagonal and just added white around the sides. I think it would have been easier to design that way. I am thinking of hearts anyway…..with feathers…..

This one wasn’t on my list, but has needed to be done for quite a while. This is the whole cloth I designed in a class with Karen McTavish. I drafted the monogram on the computer, revised it a little, then traced it into the center of the whole cloth. I also cut the trapunto batting, so once the quilt on my machine is finished I will do the trapunto work on this one.

Again, not on my list, but I photographed my quilt entries for our local quilt show coming up in September. Entries are due July 31, so I am trying to get them finished up. The whole cloth will also be entered. I still have to fill out the paperwork.

Our show has what is called a Bed Turning, where quilts older than 50 years old are displayed one at a time. They are all laid out on a bed prior to the show, then are picked up off the bed and held up for everyone to see. The narrator tells the story submitted with each quilt. I had two in it during the last show, and will put two more in this year. I thought you might be interested in seeing the quilts.

This one belonged to my grandfather – or at least it has his initials stapled to a corner.Here is one of the individual blocks. I can’t find the name of this block at all – anyone have an idea of where it came from or the name of it?

Here is a double wedding ring that belonged to my uncle’s side of the family. I don’t know any of the history on this quilt, there is no signature or label on it, and my uncle isn’t around any more to ask. The maker did run out of the original green – there are three blocks with a different green up in the top right hand corner.  It is a beautiful quilt. Both quilts are hand quilted.

So enough of the things I did get done this week. I am going to be more conservative this week as I will have folks here this evening and then Saturday through Monday. That leaves two days to quilt in the middle of other everyday tasks.

This week’s goals

  1. Finish quilt entry paperwork for show
  2. Prepare and deliver quilts entered in local fair
  3. Finish quilt on my machine
  4. Play with more designs on the applique wall hanging

I think anything above and beyond this will be bonus. I would LIKE to get more done, but it ain’t gonna happen!

Accountability report links

What are you doing this week? Want to just peek at what we are up to and trying to accomplish? Want to cheer us on to actually finish some stuff? Then join in and visit! Click on Mr. Linky to see who is playing and what they have accomplished since last week!

I will check in with you later this evening or tomorrow – once our visitors get here I won’t have any computer time at all!


6 thoughts on “Quilter’s Accountability Report – July 21, 2010

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  2. Fair quilts? When is your fair? Our quilts are due Friday – can you guess at what stage they are LOL

    Thanks for sharing the older quilts. Those are truly gorgoeus. How lucky for you to have them!! Enjoy your week!

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