Quilter’s Accountability Report – August 4, 2010

Wow! I don’t know about your part of the country, but it has been roasting here! The heat index has been well over 100 for the entire week and there isn’t much of a break expected any time soon.

Good time to stay indoors and quilt.

Too bad I haven’t been able to……

The Hunter’s father and step-mother have been out of town for 9 days and I was asked to water their garden while they were gone. I said yup, then found out when I went over there to see what they wanted me to do, they had just planted a bunch of nursery stock and I needed to water every day! So I spent an hour and a half to two hours a day, in the heat, watering at their place. Plus they had cutworms chewing on their tomatoes (bad enough that I picked and killed six off one branch of a plant the first day I watered!) and a major infestation of squash bugs that decimated their four squash plants – this resulted in me taking my Sevin over and spraying the squash and the tomatoes on my next visit. It helped….didn’t save the squash, but I haven’t seen another worm on the tomato plants. Fortunately, they are home now.

My garden hasn’t been watered nearly as much….and I have been spraying my pumpkins and melons for squash bugs here also. I don’t have them nearly as bad as the in-laws, and hope I don’t!

I was able to can 8 pints of salsa and 7 quarts of tomatoes in the last two days. I had to do something or I would have had to toss all my tomatoes. I would love to show you all pictures of my efforts, but The Hunter has my camera off on a fishing trip with Big Brother.

All this is to say, between gardens, canning salsa and tomatoes, and VBS, I haven’t gotten much quilting done at all.

Last week’s goals

  1. Finish embroidered customer quilt – only sashing and borders left to do
  2. Finish trimming the trapunto batting – more cut out, but not finished
  3. Civil War Tribute blocks – NADA
  4. Play with more designs on the applique wall hanging – NADA

I did get the binding on one side of my Jeremiah 29:11 quilt, but have about half of the hand sewing left to do to secure it. I hope to get it done this week…we will see!

I also designed my first pantograph. I had a customer ask for stars and swirls on her quilt. I am too much of a perfectionist to like my freehand stars….they go beyond the funky look, and this is not really a funky quilt…  🙂   …so I designed my own pantograph called Swirls and Stars. I will be quilting it later today, so I will let you know how it goes…I might wish I had not made it so dense.

This week’s goals

  1. Finish Swirls and Stars quilt
  2. Finish embroidered quilt
  3. Finish trimming the trapunto batting on my wholecloth
  4. Finish the Jeremiah quilt binding

I think I will stop here. I still have the rest of VBS this week and have to take the kids shopping for a few school items such as tennis shoes and shorts some time before school starts. I haven’t even made it to the fair yet to see my quilt hanging – it has just been too hot to take the kids.

Tell me what you have been up to this week… I so need the encouragement that someone is getting something done!

Accountability report links

Here is Mister Linky – join in the fun and let us know what you have accomplished! Remember with my WordPress blog, you have to actually click on the link to see who has joined up and visit their sites, even if you don’t actually want to link up!

I will check in with you later today but I still can’t comment on Blogger blogs using my WordPress account. I have to use my Google account.  Apparently I am not the only one as numerous folks reported it on the same day I started having trouble. When I asked how to solve the problem, the only reply I got was to change my blog over to Blogger! Obviously, that wasn’t very helpful.

Join us!

5 thoughts on “Quilter’s Accountability Report – August 4, 2010

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  3. It is a busy time.. You are getting lots done. You really are. LOL Canning watering and those pesky cut worms. I hate those things…cant stand to pull them off the plants. I have to use gloves or something. ewe… weee!!!!!

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