Quilter’s Accountability Challenge – September 15, 2010

Time is just zipping by…I am sure it helps that things are super busy around here. Next week is our local guild’s biennial quilt show. The show is actually open Thursday, Friday and Saturday, but work on the premises starts Monday with preparing for the quilts to go up. I am going to take my camera along with me and document some of the process if I can. Anyway, I will be working there from Monday all the way through Saturday night (I will go home at night!). I don’t think I will be getting a lot done for the next couple of weeks! LOL

For those that want more information on the show the link is here. Come join us and stop by and say “Hi” – I’ll be there!  🙂

Last week’s goals –

  1. Finish quilting whole cloth – started
  2. Quilt longarm challenge quilt – almost done
  3. Bind whole cloth – obviously NOT started! LOL
  4. Labels on Little Red Zinger, Jeremiah 29:11  – DONE
  5. Print labels for whole cloth and longarm challenge quilts – not done

I did get all my customer quilts done last week that I needed to get done before I started my own. I began my whole cloth I started in Karen McTavish’s class, but ended up quitting on it. I am not going to have time to finish both it and the longarm challenge quilt, so I thought I would wait on my whole cloth. There are plenty of other shows for my whole cloth to go in, but since the longarm challenge is one of those where all the quilts are the same pattern and fabric with different quilting, it won’t go too many other places, so I took the whole cloth off my machine.

This is what the whole cloth is looking like from the back. I love it and am so happy I am not rushing trying to get it done. I can’t wait to get the whole thing finished!

Here are some pictures of what I am doing with my longarm challenge piece – I am calling it “Thin Mints & Feathers”….

The center green square has a generalized outline of the old Girl Scout logo. This fabric is kind of a mint green, and with the black also in the quilt, it reminded me of the Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies. I knew I wanted to feather it to death because I want to get as much practice on my freehand feathers as possible, hence the name, “Thin Mints & Feathers”. I am definitely getting practice on feathers!

This is one of the outer borders. I haven’t yet quilted the narrow green border below it, so it is still pretty puffy. I am using Hobb’s Wool for batting so the feathers really stand out.

Here is my Little Red Zinger, all finished with the label on and everything. I promised you photos of it when I was done, but the lighting last night was horrible. I will have to wait for a good morning and get some close-ups of the quilting. Naturally, since I have been practicing my feathers, it has feathers!  I love this quilt….it is so bright and cheery!

I almost forgot, I also pieced a baby quilt last week. It was one of those “remember the shower at the last minute” things – except the shower is this coming Saturday instead of last Saturday like I thought. I found that out after the kids and I went up to church for the shower and it was locked. Hmmm…note to self, “Must have read the bulletin wrong!” I still won’t get it quilted before Saturday. I will give her the top with a note that it has to be returned. She isn’t due until November, so that will give me time to quilt and bind it. Plus they aren’t telling the name they picked out, so if I wait to give it to them until after the baby is born I can actually put HIS name on the label. Not a bad deal at all!

This week’s goals –

  1. Finish quilting Thin Mint
  2. Bind Thin Mint
  3. Label Thin Mint
  4. Pack & label quilts for taking to the show
  5. Start a customer quilt

I think that is MORE than enough, especially as I have meetings or appointments EVERY DAY THIS WEEK (figures, doesn’t it?!)!

Accountability report links

Come play with us. Let us help you get things done and please help hold US accountable!!

I will check in with you later today or tomorrow morning. Keep on keeping on!


8 thoughts on “Quilter’s Accountability Challenge – September 15, 2010

  1. Bari I love your challenge piece. Such fun to see how every one will quilt them. I love how we all see something different in the same top.

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  4. Love, love, LOVE the “Thin Mints & Feathers”!!!! Gorgeous!!
    “Red Zinger” sparkles as well! Your feathers are so perfect everyone is going to think you have a Statler……… Not a bad problem to have.

    • Ha ha! Perfect…..NOT HARDLY! Now if you were looking at if from the back of a galloping horse at about 5 yards, that is a different matter! Bring Twister over and gallop on by (if you can get him that close!)

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