Quilter’s Accountability Report – September 22, 2010

This  is going to be short because I am helping with our local quilt show and actually get to scribe for the judge today! Yay! I expect to learn so much and am excited to do it, but have been warned it will be a long and tiring day.

Last week’s goals –

  1. Finish quilting Thin Mint – DONE!
  2. Bind Thin Mint – DONE!
  3. Label Thin Mint  – DONE!
  4. Pack & label quilts for taking to the show – DONE!
  5. Start a customer quilt – started

I didn’t have time to take pictures of Thin Mint. I finished putting the sleeve on at 10:30 the night before I delivered it to the show! I also had a total of 15 quilts to pack and label.

I have worked the show every day so far. Monday I helped label where the quilts would go from the blue prints, hanging papers with the ID numbers on the drapes, and then helped prepare for check in Tuesday morning. Tuesday I helped with check in and hanging quilts. Wednesday I scribe for the judge. Thursday the show opens and I am actually in a workshop all that day. Then I work again on Friday and Saturday. Saturday I will help with check out and tear down. It is so amazing how much work goes on behind the scenes of a quilt show! There are 174 judged quilts and 349 non-judged quilts for a total of 523. That is up from 480 at the last show with 20 more judged quilts than the last one. They say they have had a lot more help this year, which is a big shout out for our guild’s willingness to help. I wasn’t able to help last show, so can’t voice an opinion on any of that.

So, for this week!

This week’s goals –

  1. Get fabrics and supplies ready for Thursday’s workshop
  2. Finish customer quilt
  3. Start another customer quilt
  4. Start First Saturday block

With the quilt show this week, I am already tired and that is all I am going to try to do!

Accountability report links

Come join us in the fun. This does help….if I didn’t have to report to you all every week I know I wouldn’t get nearly as much done as I have….now if I could just get help with my focus (instead of flitting all over the place with projects and quilts!). I am considering using the last three months of the year to finish up UFO’s and started projects that I have gotten sidetracked on over the spring and summer. My UFO list has not shrunk nearly as much as I would like! Anyway, come join us!

I have no idea what time I will get home tonight, and tomorrow I have to leave bright and early with the kids for school before going back up to the quilt show. I will check out your progress as I get time! “Life will return to normal. Life will return to normal. Life will return to normal.” (I keep telling myself that anyway!)

6 thoughts on “Quilter’s Accountability Report – September 22, 2010

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  2. I can’t believe you got as much done as you did. Your show sounds HUGE! What a lot of work. And I have no advice for you on the flitting thing, since I’m a flitter, too. I would consider it a curse, but I prefer to use it as a blessing!

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