Quilter’s Accountability Report – October 13, 2010

The leaves are finally starting to change color here so I feel fall is finally here. It’s about time! LOL

The crappie have been biting like crazy, so we have been fishing every chance we get. We have plenty of fish in the freezer for now, even after having folks over and eating fish several times!

I have gotten quite a bit done in the quilting vein this week.

Last week’s goals –

  1. Continue shooting my bow daily – not daily, but much more confident and actually sighted in!
  2. Finish the Corner Flower Shop – DONE!
  3. Start another customer quilt – Started, not done
  4. Finish hexagons for First Saturday Grandmother’s Flower Garden block – partially done

I have been shooting my bow quite a bit. Enough that the Hunter decided the sights were off slightly. We had tightened the tension up on it so that I was pulling harder, and therefore getting more speed out of my arrows, and we had to adjust the sights for that difference. I kept shooting high and to the left and was getting pretty frustrated. The Hunter watched me enough that he figured out what was going on and made the change. I am shooting much better groups with my arrows now. One thing we have both found out is that the older your eyes get the harder it is to make sure you are hitting what you are looking at (or think you are looking at!). I remember when he first started teaching me to shoot I asked him if I was supposed to shoot the target on the left of the one on the right. He had no clue what I was talking about and neither did all the guys at the shooting range. For some reason my eyes duplicated the image. That was 7 years ago…..well, this year, The Hunter’s eyes started doing the same thing to him! It has taken him some getting used to as he used to be able to shoot bulls eyes from 60 yards. Now he has to compensate for declining eyesight. Ain’t getting old fun?! LOL

Quilting wise, here are the finished pictures of the Corner Flower Shop quilt.

I took a quick break on Sunday from customer quilts and put on Jordan’s sock monkey quilt. I had hoped to get a high school graduation quilt finished for her, but the Not So Ugly Monkey quilt just didn’t get done. It didn’t help that I picked some complicated setting blocks for it. I had also bought this sock monkey fabric for Jordan probably 6 years ago, so I finished up a quick “snuggle” quilt for her back in August (here) and just needed to quilt and bind it. The Not So Ugly Monkey quilt will be finished for her later.

I found the perfect back for it….a luscious orange Minkee with dots!

This was also quilted with Dawn Ramirez’ Pajama Quilter Rethreaded Jungle Riot pattern. The pattern gave the back some really cool texture!

Her birthday is coming up in about 10 days, so I hope to get it bound and shipped off to her.

I can’t show you the next couple of customer quilts I am working on….maybe later, but not now, so you will just have to take my word that I actually AM working on something!  🙂

My other goal for this week was to work on my hexagons for my First Saturday block.

As you can see, I am almost finished with putting it together. That will leave appliqueing it down to the background square.

This week’s goals –

  1. Finish customer quilt
  2. Start another customer quilt
  3. Finish hexagons and begin applique
  4. Bind Jordan’s quilt
  5. Continue shooting my bow

That is more than enough for this week. Too many deadlines and not enough time in the day!

Accountability report links

Here is Mister Linky – join in the fun, let us know what you have accomplished this week, and check out what others have done! Remember, you can join in any time and for any length of time!

I will check in with you later today!


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