My first deer….

I am sure those of you who follow my blog know that I have been practicing with my bow lately for deer season. Well, I have been out in the woods three different times so far this year and haven’t even see one single deer. We have had a hard frost forecast the last couple of days, which is a good thing this time of year for deer season, but I didn’t go out yesterday morning because I was just plain tired. Naturally we see deer all over the place from the house yesterday…

So this morning I got myself out of bed, leaving the Hunter and the kids snoozing, and went to sit in my deer stand. (Here I am in my stand later in the morning with the sun coming up behind me).I got out there about 6:45 since the sun doesn’t come up until after 7:15 or so. I don’t see much moving except squirrels and wind, but at least the wind is out of the south which is good for where I was hunting. Finally about 7:45 I hear a sound and, thinking it is just another squirrel, I look over to my right and see a deer browsing behind some brush about 25 yards away. I keep watching and finally see antlers! He isn’t too worried, just browsing on the brush and looking around. He looked directly at me once, but I didn’t move so he just kept eating away. I didn’t have a good shot where he was, so I watched him move around. At one point he went back away from me and I thought that would be it, but he was just going around some brush he couldn’t get through.

I managed to stand up when he wasn’t looking and then draw while his head was down another time…..and I stood there and held it, and held it, and held it for what seemed like forever before  he moved forward into a clear shooting lane. I triggered the bow and actually got a really good shot. He only went about 20 yards before he went down in a ditch right under the tree my deer stand was in!

You don’ t know what a blessing that was either, as the woods are so thick here since the ice storm that you can barely walk through them, much less track a deer or drag one out. Here I am looking down at him from my stand – he is in that tangle of downed trees and limbs in the ditch.  I called the Hunter on my cell phone to let him know and when I looked at the time it was 7:55 AM. I was really excited as this is the first deer I have ever taken. I hadn’t done any rifle hunting before, just started out bow hunting with the Hunter.

This is of him and me in our back yard. He is an eight-point buck, probably 2 1/2 years old, with a rack that may score 80-90 (not good for those that don’t know) but is a good sized deer with plenty of meat.

Naturally, Munchie and Mini-me have to get in on the action, so here we all are.

The Hunter field dressed him and then hung him. Tomorrow the Hunter gets to go to work putting him in the freezer and now we have a good start on meat for the winter. Woo hoo!


6 thoughts on “My first deer….

  1. Woo hoo is right. Congrats on your first deer. I’m not a hunter myself, but I do appreciate the skill it takes to get a successful shot, especially with a bow. We normally raise birds – turkeys, chuckers, and chickens and we’ve had a few fatted calves and pigs for our meat.

  2. Congratulations! I don’t hunt myself but I worry about us losing our hunting tradition. I think the American hunting tradition is very important and I am always excited to see new hunters. My husband is bird hunter. He doesn’t hunt deer so would you please come to our house and hunt some of our deer?

  3. Way to go !!!!!!! I do not bow hunt but I used to gun hunt. I understand the feeling of the first trophy. Not to mention meet in the freezer.

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