Stash Report – October 31, 2010

Well, it has been a LONG TIME since I posted a stash report….The last one was May 16! I had been keeping track of my fabric usage down in my studio, but lost the paper in one of my cleaning frenzies and then it took a while to find it again. Meanwhile I had been using another place or two to keep track….so had to combine them. This was one of my goals for my Quilter’s Accountability Report this week….so here it is FINALLY!

  • Used since May 16:  33 yards
  • Used this year:  110.06 yards
  • Added since May 16:   10.75 yards
  • Added this year:   48.46 yards
  • Net used for 2010:  61.6 yards from stash

Here are the entries in my spreadsheet. For some reason I can’t get it all pretty like Judy does, so we will just have to live with it and I will work on making it look better. I actually had to print it out, then scan it, then edit the picture and finally import it into my blog! Way too much work….


I did buy an additional 15 yards of fabric, but those were for specific projects – backing for the BOM I am working on now and backing, borders, sashing, and binding for my row quilt. Those are also noted above.

All these quilts have been featured on my blog at various times in the last few months.

I am really happy to get caught up on my stash report!

Go on over to Judy’s and see what everyone else has done.


4 thoughts on “Stash Report – October 31, 2010

  1. LOL, stickies are much better than scraps of paper, which often get lost and then you have to figure things again!

    I am tickled with 61 yards out, but my shelves are starting to look lean and the ones left are getting harder to find stuff that goes with them!

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