Quilter’s Accountability Report – November 3, 2010

So November actually made it! Two months to go for 2010. I am NOT ready for 2011 to be here, but I am ready for all the baking and good food that comes with winter. We had deer stew tonight and it tasted heavenly (this was from the Hunter’s deer still in the freezer from last year) and the homemade banana bread wasn’t too bad either!

I know I sound like a broken record, but I sure didn’t get done what I wanted to!

Last week’s goals –

  1. Finish binding Jordan’s quilt – Nothing done
  2. Quilt baby quilt for a gal at church that just had a baby, then bind and label – quilted, nothing else
  3. Finish customer quilt – not on the machine yet
  4. Get Stash Report up to date and published on Sunday – DONE!

Here is the link for my stash report. It was a relief to get that done and updated. Should be much easier to manage now!  I also was able to cut out fabric for my 2009 First Saturday block of the month block #13. I had intentions of changing it up and making it bigger and fancier….but since it has been a year and I still haven’t done it, I am just sticking with it the way it was published.

Here is my next customer quilt, laying over the reails of my machine. This is as far as it got for this accountability report! The piecing and applique are wonderful and it will be a lot of fun once I get started!

As for everything else, it just hasn’t happened. I did manage to get the baby quilt quilted and trimmed ready for binding. I think I was so busy with customer quilts for the last two months, that I just haven’t had time to do anything around here….I had a major house cleaning last Friday for our company Friday night and took the kids to the doctor (Munchie has bronchitis!);  Saturday morning I shot my deer and then the rest of Saturday was spent dealing with that and two kids with the sniffles and sore throats; Sunday was church, more deer processing, and then trunk or treat Sunday evening; Monday I finished up the baby quilt, went to school and ate lunch with Munchie; and  Tuesday I worked for the kids’ teachers, had a dentist appointment and then did a major grocery shopping trip for the first time since September 9 (I looked – I couldn’t believe it had been that long either!). Can I possibly have been that busy during the last two months? I made some stops into the grocery store between now and then for a few things, but no check out was over $50 which shows it wasn’t much! Anyway, here it is already Wednesday morning!

Enough of last week. It is over and done and I need to get on with this week. What are my major goals for this week?

This week’s goals –

  1. Bind and label Jordan’s quilt
  2. Bind and label Blum baby quilt
  3. Put on and finish customer quilt
  4. Maybe have something on my design wall that I am working on so that I can participate in Design Wall Monday over at Judy’s again (my last one was May 24!)
  5. Piece my 2009 First Saturday block #13
  6. Get fabrics ready for November 11 Quilt of Valor Sew Day at my guild

Well, what do you think? Can I do it? I think I need to print this list out and carry it with me, tape it to my bathroom mirror, and maybe even paste it to my forehead……especially since I have this urge to bake cookies, and pies, and bread, make jelly, process and freeze my pumpkins, and go deer hunting again (the Hunter has to get his deer before I can go out again! He patiently waited for me to get one, I will patiently wait for him..….)

What about you? What goals can we encourage you on towards? 

Accountability report links

Join in on the fun! Here is Mister Linky. Let us know what you have accomplished this week and what you have coming up for next week!

Check in with you later today!


4 thoughts on “Quilter’s Accountability Report – November 3, 2010

  1. I think you can do it, lol. BUT, if you decided to bake cookies and pies and bread, etc, that would be awesome, too.

    Maybe we should post three lists…Goals from last week, Goalf for next week, and What I actually got done this week, lol!

  2. It is a busy time of year for sure. I really like the idea of posting my list. I have it on my computer home page. I am beginning to think I should post it all over the house. LOL

  3. Every working quilter blog I read says this time of year is “slam” time because all your customers are rushing to get their gift quilts out. So it’s expected that their stuff will take priority over yours for now!

    It doesn’t matter if it all gets done, just that something gets done.

    BTW, love the argyle border on the baby quilt, what are you binding that with?

  4. Oh heavens – I am all worn out from just reading all that you have done! I truly believe you can do it all – sounds like you are all full of energy *grin*

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