Veteran’s Day QOV Sew

Here are some of the folks at work at our guild facilities.I had so much fun and got a LOT done! I sewed from 9:30 AM to about 8:30 PM…that doesn’t happen often around here, that is for sure!

Here are three of the ladies auditioning sashing choices for a QOV. The lady on the left is Phyllis and this is her quilt top. She got 12 blocks finished and is ready for sashing and cornerstones. Nancy, the gal in the middle, wasn’t there to do a QOV, but we inspired her enough she has several ideas floating around in her head! Jane is offering her expert opinion on the sashing….

Phyllis thought the light blue didn’t work, but the rest of us thought it would be good with more of the dark blue as cornerstones in the sashing. This will be a beautiful quilt, and Phyllis has a longarm and does a wonderful job of quilting.

Two QOV quilt tops, one complete with backing and binding, were delivered to me and I will quilt them. I will return one of them to the maker who will bind it and finish it and Nancy offered to bind the other one. Isn’t that wonderful?! Another gal who works and couldn’t make it offered to bind my quilt when it is time so that she could help out. Isn’t it amazing how generous people are and how they want to help?

Remember my dilemma about whether to do the Veteran’s Rail Fence or the Not So Top Secret  Project #2? Here is what I decided on….

I actually got ALL the body of the quilt finished! And I even had to cut a good portion of the strips as I didn’t have a huge variety of suitable blues and reds in my scrap bin. Now I just have to trim off those triangular dog ears, put a thin inner border, then a wider outer border. I will probably piece the outer border as I don’t have enough of one patriotic fabric for the wide borders. I LOVE this quilt! I am going to have to make one for me……

We had a wonderful day and a great time talking and sewing. I am going to have to do that more often.

One more thing before I go – here is another picture of Munchie’s climbing tree in the front yard. This picture was taken on November 10 –

The sun was shining on the lower part and the leaves were just sparkling. Today when I woke up, after being gone until after dark yesterday, I noticed all the leaves are off now! It was so beautiful….and now there is just a carpet of yellow leaves underneath.

I hope you all had a wonderful Veteran’s Day and were able to thank those who have served!


3 thoughts on “Veteran’s Day QOV Sew

  1. Look at you!! Glad you solved your dilemna about which quilt to make – that one turned out awesome!!

    So how did it feel to sew all day? Were you exhausted? I think I would be!

  2. Sounds like you had a great day sewing. wished I would get some time to set and sew seems like there is always something else that needs to be done first. Loved your quilt you posted and your tree was beautiful.Fall is my favorite time of the year. See you soon.

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