Quilter’s Accountability Report – November 24, 2010

Boy, oh boy! I kicked it into high gear this week, even with holiday preparations going on….see what I was able to finish?

Last week’s goals –

  1. Bind and label the Baby Blum quilt – partially done
  2. Label Jordan’s quilt – finished!
  3. Finish customer quilt – finished!
  4. Finish GMFG block and applique – finished!
  5. Finish framing block 13 from the 2009 First Saturday quilt – Done!
  6. Layout and begin setting the 2009 First Saturday blocks into the top – Done!

The Baby Blum quilt has the binding stitched down to one side and the label is finished and ready to put on. Not much left to get this one finished!

Here are some photos of my finishes this week –

This is the customer quilt I have been working on – a lot of SID on this one, but it sure turned out cute! They didn’t want it “too custom” so I did a lot of traditional, basic stippling.

This is one of my favorite blocks – I just love the curly tree!

Here is another photo of some of the blocks. Very cute with all the different fill blocks!

This is the Grandmother’s Flower Garden block I finished up this week.  I changed the colors in this one and am not altogether happy with them. The original colors were the white center, the brown, then a row of red. There wasn’t much difference in value in the colors, but my choices aren’t any better. I sure wasn’t going to re-do it. Finished is finished after all!

This is the entire center portion put together with all the sashing. I still have a narrow green border, a checkerboard-type border, and then a raw-edge applique outer border.

This is my 2009 First Saturday quilt, or at least  the center portion anyway. My goal for this week was to put the black frame around the LeMoyne star block then get the layout of the blocks figured out. I actually did all that, plus pieced this whole center portion! In the picture, the two side panels are not yet stitched to the center panel, but it is totally finished. I couldn’t go any farther on this because I am increasing the size from 70″ x 103″ to 103″ x 103″ so that it will fit on my bed. I need an extra 4 yards of the Fusions 5573 fabric in tea and couldn’t find it around here. It has been quite the runaround trying to come up with it and match colors also. I have some that is supposed to be on the way. Hopefully the dye lots will be close enough that it will work, but that is why I haven’t gone any farther with it yet. If the dye lots aren’t quite the same, I will do the next section, or border with blocks, with the new fabric and save what I have left of this for the last border. That way it will appear “planned” and I won’t have all the off color fabric on one side or something.

Here is a 20’s-30’s colorway of the 2009 First Saturday quilt that I quilted for Nadine R. When looking for this on my blog, I just found that I never posted pictures of it finished! Wow, what an oversight. This quilt got an Honorable Mention in our local quilt show. This is an actual bed quilt and not a “show” quilt, so I was really tickled that it did so well.

This gives you an idea of what mine will look like, except in browns and wider.

This week’s goals –

  1. Finish binding and label on the Baby Blum quilt
  2. Add the narrow green border to my 2010 First Saturday quilt
  3. Have a Design Wall Monday post
  4. Finish another customer quilt
  5. Prepare fabric and stuff for a girls’ day out sewing with friends on Friday

That is WAY more than I can probably get done this week with Thanksgiving and everything. Plus Munchie and Mini-me are out of school until Monday, so today we have plans to go to the Discovery Center and we will be spending lots of time together. Lots of fun! Remember it is definitely more important to spend time with family and friends during the holidays than concentrating on quilting goals. (If it weren’t for family and friends, who would we make quilts for? LOL).  At least the customer quilt is an easy one – a T-shirt quilt that will just need a large overall pattern and if I don’t get anything else done I won’t be too unhappy.

I have been thinking of what to take to my girls’ day out sewing event while the Hunter watches the kids. I really need to get Munchie and Mini-me quilts made. That is so sad they don’t have them, but to be truthful they probably won’t use them anyway. They have been ruined by an aunt who gave them those soft, fuzzy, warm character blankets when they were toddlers. Hopefully they will learn better as they get older….Anyway, I do have Disney princess fabric and dinosaur fabric I want to make into quilts for them. I don’t yet have a plan for the quilts as they both have panels and those can be a real pain in the behind to figure out how to put together and then make big enough for a bed. I may just take all the fabric and pray I get inspired….

So, what are your plans for the next week? Take the week off and play, or still try to get a few quilty things squeezed in? Either way, I hope you all have a blessed, wonderful Thanksgiving!

Accountability report links

Here is Mister Linky – join in the fun and let us know what you have accomplished!

Check in with you later today!


4 thoughts on “Quilter’s Accountability Report – November 24, 2010

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  2. I need some of what you’ve got once this holiday’s over! The quilting on the customer quilts look great, I can’t wait to see the applique border of this year’s First Saturday quilt and I love the neutral colors of your 2009 FSQ. I’m hoping to do Cheri House’s City Aviation in the same colorway. But that’s a story for next year!

    Enjoy your Thanksgiving!!!!

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