Stash Report – November 28, 2010

I actually bought quite a bit last Friday while sewing in a quilt shop (never a good thing to do unless you actually NEED to find certain fabric! LOL). Fortunately, all but two yards are earmarked for specific projects so I only have two yards coming in.

This photo shows the Christmas fabric I bought that was 30% off. Can’t beat that deal! The two with blue background will go on the back of a Christmas quilt I am finally in the process of trying to finish up….it will be one UFO down! YAY!

The red poinsettia fabric is the only piece I bought that was not earmarked for a specific project. I have no excuse other than I just fell in love with it, but it is only 2 yards (I will probably regret that I didn’t get more!)

These fabrics are all for specific quilts. The first stack is for Munchie’s Princess quilt that I hope to have done around Christmas. The main part of the quilt is a Disney Princess panel that I took with me to the quilt shop. I needed inspiration on how to fill space between panels. I already have some pink Fairy Frost and a small amount of purple Fairy Frost. I hope these take care of the whole quilt! There are 3 and 1/2 yards of fabric in that pile.

The brown fabric is for the back of my 2009 First Saturday quilt shown here (scroll down a little). There wasn’t quite enough, only 8 and 1/4 yards, for the whole back, so I will have to do some creative piecing to make it work, but I think it will be gorgeous!

The next stack of fabric is for my brother and his new wife. I have had the pattern in mind for quite some time for a quilt for their couch, but I had not yet found the fabrics I wanted to use. I just happened to find some at the quilt shop that inspired me, so that quilt will be in the works after the first of the year. There are 9 and 1/2 yards in that pile.

So, despite the fact that I bought 27 and 1/4 yards of fabric, only 2 yards count against my stash report. Here it is –

  • Used since last report:  0 yards
  • Used this year:  110.06 yards
  • Added since last report:   2 yards
  • Added this year:   50.46 yards
  • Net used for 2010:  59.6 yards from stash

So go on over to Judy’s Patchwork Times and see how everyone else did during one of the major shopping weeks of the year!


One thought on “Stash Report – November 28, 2010

  1. Now that’s neat how you have everything earmarked essentially. I’m afraid I go in a fabric store and just buy what I like regardless if I have a project for it or not.

    But I’ve been pretty good this year holding back.

    Thanks for sharing the photos of you luscious stash.

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