Thanksgiving pumpkins….

I have been meaning to share with you what Munchie, Mini-me and I did for Thanksgiving. The Hunter and Big Brother were hunting and we weren’t having the Thanksgiving meal with the Hunter’s family until that evening, so the kids and I processed some of the pumpkins we grew this year.

This is a photo of one of the pumpkins on the vine back in July. We started harvesting in July and I think harvested over 50 pumpkins. They are small, only about 5-8 pounds each, but we sure had fun with them. Here you can get a better idea of their size with some of our other produce.

Anyway it was Thanksgiving and time to eat them!

Here is Munchie helping me clean them out to get ready to steam them. Shortly after this, Mini-me had to help.They never did quite figure out how to get the seeds and pulp out without flipping them all over the kitchen. The floor was just as bad!

This photos shows the first load of pumpkins already steamed with the second load ready to go. After steaming them, they were soft enough I mashed them with a mixer to make puree. This was a lot of work and seemed to take all day. I ended up with 8 1/2 cups of pumpkin plus two pies from 8 pumpkins…..

Definitely worth it!


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