My babies turned 6 today….

Wow, they are growing so quickly! Munchie and Mini-me are now 6 and will definitely tell you how big and grown up they are…LOL.

Mini-me asked this evening if they got to stay up later since they were 6 now – they really shouldn’t have to go to bed as early as a 5 year old! I told him when they started ACTING like a 6 year old they could stay up later. The Hunter simply told him he could stay up a minute later…..

Never a dull moment!


3 thoughts on “My babies turned 6 today….

  1. Happy Birthday to them. It really is a small world. My grandsons birthday is also the 20th. He is one.

    So funny that they want to stay up later. They feel all grown up I guess.

  2. Just enjoy them they grow up so fast. Hope you all have a Merry Christmas . I Still enjoy all your blogs looking forward to seeing a new year come and hoping to get lots of quilts done next year. I’m sure you are also, maybe we will both use alot of our stash up. Dica

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