UFO Challenge for January

Well, Judy drew #6 for our first project for the UFO challenge, but as I said, I have a deadline on Keith and Angie’s wedding quilt (their third anniversary!) in March so I have moved that one into the number 6 slot. Judy did say we could be creative in fitting her challenge with our needs you know! This picture is the status of the quilt back in March of 2010. The blocks are all finished and my goal is to get them laid out and ready to start putting together on Monday when the kids are back in school. Once they are together, I should only have two borders to put on! Woo hoo! Well, okay, that doesn’t include the quilting or binding or piecing the back, but, hey, every little bit of progress on old projects like this are exciting!


2 thoughts on “UFO Challenge for January

  1. You’re right…any little bit of progress on an old UFO is awesome!

    Can’t wait to see it put together.

    My anniversary is in March, too! It’s a great month to get married!

  2. Happy New Year Bari,
    I have faith you will get it done for there 3rd anniversary. Hope all goes well for you at the start of the week. see you around Dica

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