Design Wall Monday – January 3, 2010

I actually have a couple of things on my design wall. The first is the finished quilt top from my Design Wall Monday post on December 13. I finished the top up late yesterday and here it is with Munchie posing in front of it.

She is really thrilled with it and has already told me she wants Minkee backing….maybe in purple or blue! I’ve used Minkee before, but never on this big a quilt, so will be exploring quilting and batting ideas.

That leads to my OTHER design wall…..This will be part of Mini-me’s bed quilt. Panels can be such a pain in the behind to work on. See how wonky this one is? It curls up on both sides, none of the dinosaur blocks are anywhere near the same size, and it is really small. I bought it as a kit for Mini-me when he was maybe three years old. The kit came without directions to piece it, so I just put it aside for a couple of years. Mini-me initially wanted a Spiderman quilt, but has since decided he prefers the dinosaurs. Now that Munchie’s top is done, I can’t quilt it until I get Mini-me’s pieced (if anyone has ever had twins, they understand the equality issues!).

I found this piece at a quilt shop last February when I took the Karen McTavish class in Shell Knob. I thought it would be great to help enlarge the small lap quilt to a good-sized twin quilt.

These are all the fabrics together. Believe it or not, none of the dinosaur fabrics are from the same line, but all are from Timeless Treasures, which may explain why the seem to go together fairly well.

This will be a challenge for sure!

Jump on over to Patchwork Times and see what others have on their walls….in fact, I am going there too and maybe I can come up with some ideas on how to lay this one out!


12 thoughts on “Design Wall Monday – January 3, 2010

  1. When my 18 year old was little, I too made a dinosaur blanket…then it was Harry Potter….then musical instruments. Now for graduation, it will be GUITARS. It’s fun to watch them grow through quilts…now they have to be queen sized quilts!

  2. I really dislike working with Minkee since it is slippery to quilt and it frays on the ends like crazy. But it is snuggly.
    The princess quilt is perfect! Look forward to seeing how the dinosaur quilt develops!

  3. Wonderful princess quilt. I only have one kiddo, but she expects a new quilt about every two years. The first was a Disney Little Mermaid, then a tiger quilt, the most recent a photo quilt with pictures of all her frieds from kindergarden till 5th grade.

    Sewing for kids can be such a challenge, but they love them so much it’s hard to say no.

    Good luck with the dinosar quilt!

  4. The princess top came out darling! Just right for a little Princess. She’s is going to love that one when it’s all minkied up. Yummy!!

    Love the dinosaur fabrics — maybe some grey Stonehenge added to the mix? The panel thing will work itself out — that’s what coping strips/blocks are for.

    And the twin thing isn’t limited to twins, it’s siblings in general. It’s the parent mantra, what you do for one you’ve got to do for both/all. That’s why I loved being an only child — no competition!

  5. The princess quilt is just adorable. Minkiee will be perfect for the back. So soft and cuddly. It seems like my kids change their rooms as soon as I get a quilt made for them and then want new colors. I still “owe” my oldest daughter a blue quilt for her new blue room.

  6. Your children have excellent tastes. I love both the quilt top and the ideas for the dinosaur quilt. It’s great that they both appreciate your craft.

  7. Love the dinosaur prints, can’t wait to see what the finished project(s) look like. The princess quilt is adorable too.

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