Quilter’s Accountability Report – 1/5/2011

I hope everyone is getting settled in to the new year. Munchie and I have had the crud and are finally starting to feel better….one thing about being sick though, is that I got some piecing done. Sure didn’t feel like doing any thing else, including standing and quilting!

Last week’s goals –

  1. Finish two or three small customer quilts – finished one, have another on the machine
  2. Continue piecing Munchie’s princess quilt  –  DONE!
  3. Sign up for classes at MQSDONE!
  4. Post final stash report for 2010 – DONE!

First of all, here is the customer quilt I finished up this week. This was so fun to work on!The fabric has some flowers in it, so I wanted large flowers in the larger strips.

This is the bottom of the quilt with sidelighting on it. I had to take the picture at an angle to get the texture to show up. I had fun!

This is Munchie and her finished Princess quilt top. I blogged about the top here on my Design Wall Monday post if you want to read more. Both of us were so excited to get this done. Now she just wants me to get it quilted…. ;-).

I signed up for my classes at MQS. I was awarded one of the IMQA Foundation Grants for 2011 so had quite a bit more money to play with than I would have used on my own. I am actually taking two hands-on classes – one with Deloa Jones and one with Diana Phillips. I am also taking classes taught by Mary Nordeng, Cindy Roth, and Pam Clark. I am definitely excited and can’t wait to go!

My final stash report was posted here. I used a total of 113 yards from stash and added only 54 yards – for a net use of almost 59 yards from stash. You can tell it from my shelves also!

I also was able to work on a couple of other things –

This is the first 2011 First Saturday block at a local quilt shop. That had to be finished before Friday and took me all of about 10 minutes to make. Easy peasy!

This picture is of my first UFO Challenge project, Keith and Angie’s wedding (now 3rd anniversary) quilt. I laid the blocks out, changed them a few times since this picture was taken, but the basic layout is still the same. I already have the rows and blocks numbered and they are stacked by the sewing machine ready to put together.

All in all, a pretty productive week!

This week’s goals –

  1. Finish customer quilts
  2. Finish piecing Keith and Angie’s quilt blocks, hopefully cut the borders
  3. Toy around with ideas for Mini-me’s dinosaur quilt

That is enough again for this week. I may go deer hunting again one morning…I would still like to get a little more meat in the freezer and bow season ends the 15th of this month.

Accountability report links –

Are you going to join us this year and help each other to reach our goals? The accountability really made a difference for me last year and I am excited to be doing it again.  Join us for the fun!

I will check in with you later this evening!


7 thoughts on “Quilter’s Accountability Report – 1/5/2011

  1. I love the “quilting” quilt. Do you know the name of the fabrics. I would love to get a hold of some! Beautiful job quilting!

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  3. Sorry to hear you and the kids picked up a Xmas bug. Let’s hope some rest and a lot of hot chocolate will wipe it right out.

    That wedding top is wonderful, worth the wait! Will it be bordered too? It looks like one that would be great just bound as a finishing. They will love it!

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