Quilter’s Accountability Report – January 12, 2011

Brrr….it is sure cold here! It was about zero degrees last night and the wind was howling! Good time to stay in doors….which is probably why I have been feeding horses for my folks since Saturday! LOL

I have gotten some quilting stuff done – mainly customer quilts.

Last week’s goals –

  1. Finish customer quilts – DONE!
  2. Finish piecing Keith and Angie’s quilt blocks, hopefully cut the borders – not done
  3. Toy around with ideas for Mini-me’s dinosaur quilt  – still in the design stage….

Here are the latest three customer quilts I have been working on.

You may have seen this one on last week’s Quilter’s Accountability Report. Sue S. made this top. The center is all one fabric panel and then borders are added from the brown on out. The colors are gorgeous in person, but to get the quilting to show at all I have to use sidelighting and no flash, so it does funny things to the colors….

Here are a couple of closer shots –

Flowers and the Greek key in the borders –

This is Jamie C’s quilt. The top is cheater cloth and the back is a luscious textured chenille-type fabric.

This quilt was a challenge because neither Jamie nor I measured it when I picked it up (my bad!).  The top was actually bigger than the back! I had to cut the selvages off both edges of the top and a little off each side so that I could see where to end my stitching. I sewed two extender pieces of old fabric to each side of the backing so that I could get it on the longarm without hitting the clamps when stitching close to the sides.This picture shows the backing with the fabric extensions on either side.

This picture shows how much room I had on the edges. I quilted up as close as I could to the edge of the backing. Jamie didn’t want batting on this, so that helped lining things up quite a bit.

You can’t see the quilting on the top at all, but the back ended up with a really cool texture. I did an all-over feather meander.

The third quilt belongs to Carmen P.This is also cheater cloth with two borders added – the narrow blue and the wider brown.

Carmen wanted a cable border. This is from the back. This quilt should be really snuggly as it is all flannel – perfect for these cold days!

As for other things – I did get a good number of Keith and Angie’s blocks put together. In fact I have blocks in 6 of the 9 rows stitched together. I had hoped to finish up the last of them and get it put together last night (see the pressure you all put on me with this report?!) but I was just way too tired and it was way too cold in the basement.

I have also been muddling Mini-me’s dinosaur quilt around in my head. Does that count? I was going to try to put the dinosaurs in EQ, but have decided to use graph paper to start by cutting out paper to scale for the size of each dinosaur block. Much easier to rearrange them and figure settings out!

This week’s goals –

  1. Finish another customer quilt
  2. Finish Keith and Angie’s top including borders
  3. Work on the dinosaurs some more
  4. Piece a top for my brother’s new baby, hopefully quilt it also!

I do have another customer quilt to do. The customer wants the quilting fairly simple even though it is a large lone star quilt.

My brother and his wife are having a baby girl in February and I just got an invite to the shower – it is the 22nd of this month. Why don’t I already have a quilt ready to go? It isn’t as if I haven’t known this has been coming…..I really need to quit procrastinating but I think I will put that on next week’s accountability report….

What about you? What have you been putting off and now must get finished? Need some extra encouragement? We would be happy to help! 

Accountability report links –

 Join us for the fun! Just click on Mr. Linky and see what we are up to.

I will check in with you later this evening!


6 thoughts on “Quilter’s Accountability Report – January 12, 2011

  1. Sheesh – you are staying busy! So are you feeding the horses because your parents don’t want to go out in it?

    I have tried to convince WM that he should build me a walkway from the house to the barn that is heated…. he’s not going for it!

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  3. he he he…Procrastination makes life more exciting, lol. That’s what I keep telling myself! 🙂

    Seriously, though. I’m like you. It’s something that I have to continually work on.

    I have gotten better over the years. Things like this help me! Thanks SO much for hosting Quilter’s Accountability, Bari!

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