Twisted Selvages featured on the Selvage Blog!

Remember my little Twisted Selvages quilt top that I made from selvages and posted about here?  Strangely enough, Jackie over at Canton Village Quiltworks posted a tutorial on a GORGEOUS, drop-dead twister she made from dupioni silk in January. I actually drooled on my key board looking at her quilt (you can drool, too, just by clicking this link to go visit!). Her bright pieced border is to die for!

Anyway, near the end of her post Jackie mentioned that she would like to see others’ versions of the Twister. I thought she might get a kick out of a selvage one, so sent her a picture of the finished quilt top with a little of the story behind it.

Jackie emailed me and asked if she could share the top with Karen at the Selvage Blog. I just found out that Karen featured my fun little quilt this evening! Here is the link to the post.

Thank you Jackie and Karen!


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