Quilter’s Accountability Report – February 9, 2011

Hmm….where do I start this week? Unfortunately, I didn’t get nearly as much done as I had planned because the kids were out of school from Tuesday clear through Friday for the blizzard. They did finally go back Monday, to everyone’s relief!

Last week’s goals –

  1. String quilt workshop stuff together – workshop was cancelled and rescheduled for next week 
  2. Finish customer quilt – done
  3. Quilt Nina’s quilt – almost done
  4. Start making the binding for Deb’s Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt, my February UFO Challenge project. – see below

My string quilt workshop was cancelled in plenty of time that I procrastinated even more and didn’t waste too much time getting things together!  🙂

I did get Kay’s quilt done and delivered.

This is part of Kay’s Christmas Double 9-patch. I used a snowflake theme throughout the quilting. Nina’s quilt is on the machine still and should get close to done today. It is fairly large and has some fullness in the blocks so is taking a bit longer.

The other thing I worked on this week is my UFO Challenge quilt – Deb’s Grandmother’s Flower Garden. Deb’s husband’s grandmother pieced the top. I helped Deb get it quilted in early 2004 by another longarmer as I didn’t have a machine at the time and then told her I would bind it for her. I don’t know WHAT I was thinking when I said that ,other than the fact that Deb was a matron of honor at my wedding, because here it sits still not bound. Binding the angles on this has not been something I have looked forward to.

Here are four choices I have on binding fabric for the quilt. If I remember correctly, the dark blue print is the one Deb thought would work. She wants something more masculine for her husband. We had also bought the ’20’s-’30’s reproduction at the bottom of the stack. the lighter solid blue is one from my stash and there is not quite enough of it to do the whole quilt. I bought the medium blue solid at the quilt shop last week hoping it would work.

Here is the quilt with the choices laid next to it….the two blue prints…..

the two solid blues…..

I personally think the dark blue print at the top is too dark for the quilt and the print is just not “repro” enough if that makes sense. The lighter print is too busy and gets lost.

I thought the lighter blue from my stash would be a very good choice….if it were just a little bigger! That is why I picked up the darker solid blue at the quilt shop thinking if it didn’t work for this quilt it would always work in a QOV. There wasn’t a lot of choice at the shop, so I picked something that seemed like it would work the best, but looking at it here, it also seems a little too dark. What do you all think?

Obviously, I have to make a decision and then check it out with Deb before I can get started on this (which needs to be done by the end of the month!), which brings up my next plea for advice. See these edges? How would you bind them?Cut off the smaller points on the little hexes to make straight edges on the pathways? In other words, in the flowers at the top of the picture, treat the flower and path as one large hexagon with straight edges? Then the right edge of the quilt as a “V-type” shape with otherwise straight edges?

Then there is this edge…see the half hexagon? Those were actually cut in half so the maker didn’t have to make a bunch of extras. It’s mate is stitched in just to the left of it in the next half-hexagon space. So here would you cut off even with the straight line of the half hexagon, or turn those small corners to give this edge a scalloped effect also?

Any guesses on why I haven’t tackled this binding yet?

I also wanted to start working on another project this week and purchased some items specifically for the project just a week or so ago. I’d have pictures to show you, but the problem is I remember carrying the items downstairs to put in my sewing room this weekend but now I can’t find them anywhere. I looked for an hour in my little sewing room and still can’t find them! When I do find them and get started I will post a picture so you all can laugh at me….meanwhile you will just have to wonder what I am up to now!

This week’s goals –

  1. Finish Nina’s quilt
  2. Start and finish another customer quilt
  3. Make a plan on the binding for Deb’s GMFG and settle on a fabric, get it cut out if possible
  4. Find my lost items for my project

I am going to stop here even though I should work on Mini-me’s dinosaurs more. The weather has me behind some with the kids home plus I have a lot of customer quilts this month and need to stay on top of them or my March is not going to be fun!

So, what are you stressing over this week? Share your stress with us as I have shared mine with you! Is there some way we can encourage you to help you along ? Let us know!

Accountability report links

Here is Mister Linky – join in the fun anytime – just for a week or a month or the rest of the year… let us know what you have accomplished. We would love to have you join us!

I will check in with you later this evening!


7 thoughts on “Quilter’s Accountability Report – February 9, 2011

  1. You still got a bit done. No surprise there. LOL Binding the hexi quilt is tough. I would think about trimming the little points off to make it a bit easier. I would think about trimming off the edge with the half hexi makeing it straight. I know that trimming might not have been done back in the day.. But there is something to be said for finished. LOL I would try to match the color of the binding to the outer fabric. I would not want the binding to stand out and show my mistakes. LOL I would rather the blocks be the focus here. Just my thoughts.

  2. I like the medium blue of the bottom picture for the binding. It looks as if it’s the same shade blue as there is in some of the hexagon flowers, especially if Deb is trying to get it to be acceptable for her husband too. I don’t think it would distract from the center, but frame it — like a picture frame does a wonderful print. As far as the trimming vs. non-trimming, I might be inclined to cut the excess even where the half hexagons are, but keep the scalloped edge at the top and bottom. Not something I would want to tackle now either! lol. Good luck. I’m sure it will be beautiful whatever you and Deb decide. Dar in MO

  3. I like the darker blue solid in the second picture, and as for how to get it bound, I would ask my good friend Bari to do it for me, as it looks challenging!!

    Hope your geta lot done this week. The blizzard and snows sure caused some chaos didn’t it!

  4. You totally amaze me at the amount you get done! I have three kids, I know what its like.
    As for the binding… I would go with the repro print (lighter blue). It does have a bit of pattern to it, but by the time you get a narrow strip of it and stitch it to the white outer circle of baby hexes it will look fine and blend nicely. The two darker ones would be like drawing a bold black line all the way around the quilt and would also accentuate any little wobbles in the lines. I do like the lighter blue, but as you say, it is too small and won’t work.
    I would not actually physically “cut off” the baby hex points (antique value and all), but I would bind straight across them making each large hex have a straight side. Binding around the tiny points would just be a distraction to the overall pattern anyway. That also solves the problem of the hexes that were halved and have a straight edge.
    It is an amazing quilt and will be a treasure when its done.

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  6. Naturally, I like the lighter blue solid the best. I’m also wondering why there are half-hexagons on one end of the quilt, but not the other? I would put the binding on straight across the hexes, but follow the jagged outline of the blocks themselves. That’ll for sure be a job! Good luck!

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