Gardening and the circus

Here is the promised post about our garden and spring break activities. Last year I really didn’t get my garden started until May – which was way too late for some of the things I planted. My broccoli, cauliflower, beets, carrots, onions, and radishes didn’t amount to a hill of beans (forgive the bad analogy there please!) and I think, make that hope, it is because I planted them too late. This year we already have quite a bit in the gardens.

This bed is on the south side of the house. That near section with the two rows between three rows of straw has beets. The row next to the house has Chiogga beets that Mini-me planted and the outer row has Golden beets that Munchie planted. The asparagus bed is inside the box. We have already gotten several spears from it and they have been wonderful…just too few right now but it is the first year to be able to pick any. The space in front of or to the right of the asparagus in the picture is four rows of more beets. I planted them this way instead of in a long row because I have to be able to step in the dirt to be able to pick the asparagus. This way everyone knows that it is safe to step on the straw so that no plants will get stepped on. The beets in the first two rows are Detroit Red and in the second two rows are Albino. The Hunter and I love beets, so it will be interesting to try some different varieties.

The next section with the long rows are two rows of peas. They are both snow peas but we are trying two different kinds this year. After the peas is a section that is still too damp to work up well for planting. We will hopefully plant that this week or weekend. I haven’t decided if I want to try Swiss Chard, carrots, or lettuce there.

The final section in this bed has garlic that I put out last fall. There are three different varieties in the seven rows. I didn’t have any luck with onions last year, so I am really hoping these aren’t all show and there will be no garlic under ground there!

This is part of the front of our house. There is one Japanese maple, a couple of small bushes, and a couple of flowers. Munchie put the cross there – and no, it doesn’t mark the grave  of a special pet or anything, she just wanted folks who passed the house to remember Jesus. She also planted a Hosta there last spring. I had cleaned out the south bed and was going to throw away a  Hosta that had been growing there to make room for veggies. She found the discarded plant, picked it up, and planted it in front of her cross….all by herself without even asking. It ended up living and growing well last year and is coming up again this year!

I am cleaning up this bed and we raked all the old mulch into piles and mulched just around the shrubs and the tree. I am considering planting some strawberries in the rounded area on this side of the cross. The only problem is that this bed only gets partial sunlight. I am also hoping that it is close enough to the house that the deer will stay out of it!

This is our potato bed. This bed has some of the best dirt on the place in it (hauled in of course!) and after raising all those pumpkins on it last year, I thought it might need a rest.

This picture is the same bed from a different angle and the  photo was from late June. Notice the growth over the cattle panel on the left side of the picture? That is mostly pumpkin plant. See the front of the house in this picture and all the green grass in the yard between the pumpkin and the house? That was gone by the end of the summer!

Here is a picture of this same bed in all it’s glory just a month later in late July.You can see the edge of the drive way at the bottom of the picture. We were actually running over vines before the end of the year! I looked and must not have taken a picture from the front of the house so you can’t see how wild and wooly our front yard looked.

We planted spinach in this small, narrow bed. Spinach is another plant I haven’t grown before, and though I am not much for cooked spinach, I do like it in salads and on sandwiches.

I have more work to do on my two 4X8 beds before I can plant anything there. I also need to get some tomato and pepper seed started in the house. We can’t put them out yet because of frost, but I am trying some new varieties this year and can’t wait to get them going! So far Mini-me and Munchie have been there every step of the way. They have helped with the shoveling, hoeing, planting, pulling weeds, and just plain every part of it. I am glad they like to be outside helping (when they aren’t driving me nuts!).

We also went to the circus courtesy of a wonderful friend, Portia. The kids love the circus but we just didn’t go last year because it is so expensive. As always, we love the elephants. The kids have stated since they were three that they wanted to ride the elephants, but when the time came they would chicken out and not ride them. Well this year, Munchie decided she really did want to ride an elephant (okay, so I really wanted to ride an elephant and I talked her into it….). Mini-me wouldn’t do it, and Big Brother and the Hunter both declined also, so Munchie and I went alone.

We hadn’t brought a camera so the Hunter took these photos from his cell phone halfway up the seats and across the ring. You can see Munchie got a front row seat. In this picture we were getting on and the elephant we rode, “Petty”, was behind the one you see. Our legs were actually behind the elephant’s ears and were pretty warm by the time the ride was over. Munchie was hesitant to touch the elephant at first as the skin is rough and the hairs are prickly. She said it felt like her daddy’s hair!
I will let you guess what the big trash barrels are for….



4 thoughts on “Gardening and the circus

  1. Bari, I loved seeing all your wonderful garden spots and how you plant them. I wish I had done the smaller, near the house kind of thing instead of big, garden plot that gets more weeds than anything else. Or at least they take over because I cannot keep up with everything in a 6,000 sq. ft area.!
    Your pictures of the elephant ride are great!! I’ve petted them before, but never rode one. What a thrill.

    Where does the circus come that they let you do that???

    Thanks so much for sharing. Dar in MO

  2. Wow – you have a great garden – will you come help plant ours? Its no wonder you run out of time LOL

    loved the elephant!! Was it a little scary being so tall?

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