Family stuff….

Meet my new niece, Lilli Grace – Isn’t she just the most precious little thing?

Mini-me watching Shelli, Lilli, and the whole bottle thing with interest. He wondered if she liked carrots….ummm, no. She drinks milk. “But what does she EAT?!”  Just didn’t quite understand yet….

Munchie is one proud cousin. She also said this was the first baby she had ever held. Not too bad for a first time. Munchie did have to search my stash of the few baby clothes I kept of hers and Mini-me’s and had to pick out a couple of outfits for Lilli.

Lilli is the one I made this quilt for – and it was actually done before she graduated from high school!

Our other news last week was that Mini-me lost an upper front tooth. I had to take pictures….

and Mini-me had to pose…..

Meet my new niece, Lilli Grace!

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