Quilter’s Accountability Report – April 20, 2011

Busy week again! What is it about spring that is so busy?….wait, that is my life, not just this spring!

This week’s goals –

  1. Finish Nancy’s quilt – almost done!
  2. Quilt Caroline’s T-shirt quilt – not started
  3. Quilt Twisted Selvages – not started

So I am not making much progress as far as my list goes. I have done quite a bit on Nancy’s quilt. Here is a preview of some of the quilting I have designed for a large open area on the quilt that also has an applique element.This is a preview of some of the quilting so far.

Once Nancy’s quilt is finished, the other two will go pretty quickly.

I also started a Disappearing 9-Patch quilt for a niece who is graduating from high school next month. Since I have less than a month to get it done, I figured I better get with it. She said she loved pink and black, so that is what she is getting.I am really hoping the pink squares will appear to float on top of the black and white once the whole quilt is done.

I am taking a class at a local quilt shop on using Misty Fuse this morning, so had to get supplies ready to go also.

Next week’s goals –

  1. Finish Nancy’s quilt
  2. Quilt Caroline’s T-shirt quilt
  3. Quilt Twisted Selvages
  4. Continue with the pink and black D9P

I may be boring you all, but I am stopping here again. At least I added a little variety this week with the D9P.

How is your quilting going? Have you been as busy as I have? Let us know if we can help!

Accountability report links

Here is Mister Linky – join in the fun anytime – just for a week or a month or the rest of the year… let us know what you have accomplished. We would love to have you join us!

I will check in with you later this evening!


2 thoughts on “Quilter’s Accountability Report – April 20, 2011

  1. I love the quilting on Nancy’s quilt. Custom takes a long time to do sometimes. The d9p looks great. A fun quilt.

  2. The quilting is awsome.!!! Your DNP looks great in those colors – if she doesn’t like it she can send it to me LOL

    So when you do you have time to eat???

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