Computer problems….again!

Except this time it is REALLY serious! My hard drive crashed. Totally. Kaput. Finito.

I don’t know how much I will be able to recover from it. Fortunately, I had most of my really important stuff backed up yesterday. I also have an external hard drive that has a bunch of my other stuff on it and I had backed that up last week. Paranoid? Yes. Know why? Because I have been worried about the hard drive failing for about the last six months or so.

I won’t be able to check in much, either here or by email, until I get a new computer. I hope to have one before next Wednesday, but will let you all know one way or the other.

So now I am in the market for a new computer….any recommendations?


One thought on “Computer problems….again!

  1. I feel your pain. My computer crashed about a month ago. I had some stuff backed up, but not all. I can still get into it — sort of, but for short bursts of time before it simply shuts down. My solution? I stole my husband’s old lap top which has a bad battery and he was using as a music controller. So, I don’t have any recommendations.

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