Quilter’s Accountability Report – June 15, 2011

I can’t believe the month is half way over. It can’t be the 15th already!

Last week’s goals –

  1. Quilt Jeannine’s quilt – not done
  2. MQS post– not done
  3. Get another customer quilt loaded – see number 1, therefore not done

I keep telling myself life will get less hectic, but somehow I just don’t see that happening anytime soon! I have gotten quite a bit done on Jeannine’s quilt, it just isn’t finished yet. I have also decided my MQS post is “old news” and so will just post on my new tools as I use them. That would be much more interesting to see them in action anyway. I have a quilt to do next month that I will use some of them on.

The Hunter took Mini-me and Big Brother fishing at the lake last Friday, so Munchie and I had a day together. Our main goal was to pick out the fabric for the back of her princess quilt. After stopping at three different places, she finally found that perfect fabric at Hobby Lobby. It is a luscious pink minkee-type fabric with longer, curled minkee fibers on it. It almost looks like pink roses all over and is so incredibly soft that Munchie couldn’t keep from touching it. We will see how it quilts…I have three customer quilts to do before I can even think about doing hers so I really have to get on it. I don’t have pictures yet, but will post them later.

This week’s goals –

  1. Finish Jeannine’s quilt
  2. Load and begin next customer quilt

Is it progress when my list keeps getting shorter, but I haven’t actually been able to cross anything off? I am stopping here and will consider it absolutely wonderful if I get this far this week. Munchie and Mini-me have their first overnight church camp next week so those are two days gone for quilting. We have double-header ball games Thursday night, Friday night, and tournaments on Saturday and Sunday. Yup, I am definitely stopping here!

What challenges do you face this week in your quilting life? Are you hanging in there, or enjoying other things and putting the quilting to the side for the summer? Let us know and let us help you with whatever your goals are this week!

Accountability report links

Here is Mister Linky – join in the fun anytime – just for a week or a month or the rest of the year… let us know what you have accomplished. We would love to have you join us!

I will check in with you later this evening!


5 thoughts on “Quilter’s Accountability Report – June 15, 2011

  1. Realistic goals are the key. When I expect too much from my quilting time, other areas of my life suffer. I figure it’s all about balance – less quilting one week, in favour of family obligations is much better than stressing out trying to do everything.

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  3. Yep, it’s a tricky act to find the right amount of push. Too much and you risk losing pleasure in what you’re doing. Too little and you don’t do any of the things you love.

    I’ve heard about having a special place for your projects so you can pick them up whenever circumstances and time perimts. And having a regular time set aside just for you.

    Your blog is probably the best way of all — telling someone what you’re going to is the best way to get on to doing it. As Barbara Shea says: fatigue or mood or time isn’t the killer of dreams, isolation is.

  4. I keep hearing that balance is the key…but I guess I have not found it yet. LOL Perhaps we just expect to much from ourselvs? One or two goals are much better than none.

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