My horse Spinner

Spinner is my horse. I owned her mother (named “Radar” after Radar O’Reilly in MASH and because she had ears long enough to be radar antennae!), a cutting-bred mare, and bred her to a reining stallion hoping to get a horse I could show in reining. In a previous life I trained horses and really got into the reining horses. I even trained in Germany for a couple of years and traveled all over showing horses.

For those that don’t know, reining is a really cool, speedy, and fun thing to do on horses. Very difficult, very precise, but so fun when you put a good run together! Here is a link to a YouTube video of a bunch of different reining trainers doing different maneuvers and then a Freestyle reining run by Stacy Westfall in 2006. If you watch Stacy’s run, make sure you have a kleenex around because you will need it!

My first reiner was a blackish brown mare we called Trouble. She was an average mare, but on a good day she could slide 60 feet when stopping. I also did a freestyle reining run on her with no bridle to “The Phantom of the Opera”. I was dressed complete in a cape and Phantom mask. It was pretty cool.

Anyway, I had dreams of Spinocchio (Spinner for short) being a great reining horse, however I quit training horses and ended up doing other work. No time nor money to hit the show trail. Now Spinner spends her life keeping Mom’s mare Silky company and the rest of her time in the pasture eating…..and eating….and eating. She is what is called an “easy keeper” and can get fat on air practically. Because of that, she is also prone to founder on fresh, fast-growing spring grass, so I have to keep her up and dry-lotted until the main grass-growing time is passed.

I turned her out this weekend and just had to take pictures of her when I did. This is the only time she actually looks like a horse and not a round pig. She has ribs! She has a “waist”! Normally she looks like an overgrown, fat shetland pony.

Look – in this photo she has withers and doesn’t look like she is pregnant!If I remember I will take a photo next week. Once we let her out, I had to almost run her off or throw rocks at her to get her head up out of the grass. Did I tell you she likes to eat? I am sure she has already gained 200 pounds.


6 thoughts on “My horse Spinner

  1. Spinner is gorgeousl Bays are the best! My bay horse, Bette, was a champion reiner in her day. She’s definitely earned her retirement. And yes, Stacey’s ride will make you cry, even if you’re not a crier.

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