Nature’s bounty

My internet is back up and I am somewhat caught up so I am actually taking a little time to blog about some recent family activities.

Saturday we all went to Truman Lake to crappie fish as the Hunter had heard they were biting very well right now.

Here is Mini-me and one of the crappie he caught. He also caught a small channel catfish and was more thrilled than if he had gotten a huge crappie!

This is Munchie and a tiny rock bass that she caught. The color was gorgeous, it was so dark. The Hunter said rock bass are part of the sunfish family. Why are they called rock bass then? Doesn’t make much sense to me!

All of us went and the crappie limit for the day was 15 9″ or better fish per person. We all actually caught our limit for a total of 75 fish, so the Hunter and Big Brother spent two hours Sunday afternoon cleaning fish – but are we gonna eat good or what?!

This heron flew into a dead tree about 20 yards away from the boat. He stood there and watched us until we left.

Here is another cool thing that happened while the internet was down. Remember this caterpillar that was on one of the garlic scapes in my garden?

Well, five days later we were out by the garlic again checking on the garden and this guy had turned into a cocoon. I clipped the scape and we put him in a half-gallon canning jar with a mesh cloth over the top for air. 

Here is the cocoon in the jar. The glass distorts the picture – I should have taken a picture before I got him “put to bed” but I had too many hands helping me! We watched and waited and finally five days later when we woke up we had a butterfly in the jar!

We put him outside on the rose-bush for his wings to dry and to get stronger. He finally flew away, but isn’t he beautiful!

Speaking of garlic…..

Sunday afternoon the kids and I harvested our garlic as it was about two weeks overdue. I planted the garlic last fall and we have three different varieties.

This is Munchie holding a few carrots we pulled to see if they were growing at all. The dark one is called an Atomic Red carrot. The two on the right are albino. None of them were quite big enough to really get a good taste. Carrots just don’t seem to grow well here…those and beets. I am going to have to find out the secret before next spring!

This is Mini-me and some of the garlic we harvested. I think we are set for the winter as far as garlic goes! I will re-plant this fall so some of the bulbs will be used for that.

To cure and store garlic it needs to be hung out of direct sun and where air will circulate around it.  Let it cure for a month, then braid the stems and store it that way. The only place I have for hanging that much garlic out of the sun is the garage. Here is some of the garlic hanging from the garage door tracks.

Here is the last of the garlic. The Hunter and Big Brother were worried the garlic smell would linger on the decoys and their layout blinds and wondered if it would scare off the geese this fall! Meanwhile I don’t think we will have to worry about any vampires hanging around the garage…..


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