Quilter’s Accountability Report – July 13, 2011

Life is good! I am at home on my own computer and not fighting for a library computer! Yay!

I even got some quilting related stuff done.

Last week’s goals –

  1. Finish Munchie’s quilt – done
  2. Make binding for Munchie’s quilt – done
  3. Bind Munchie’s quilt – DONE!
  4. Finish customer quilt by Friday – not done
  5. Load another customer quilt – not done

Munchie’s quilt is totally finished! She is absolutely thrilled and about squeezed me to death hugging and thanking me. I finished it yesterday and she curled up in it and took a nap. I think that means she likes it!

She was one excited girl.

She actually picked out the backing fabric – it is a very soft, textured minkee-type fabric. Naturally, Mini-me couldn’t stay out of the picture!

Munch also picked out the quilting design.
This is one of Dawn Ramirez’ freehand patterns that I have used quite a bit and Munchie has always liked it.

Finally – here it is on the bed.

I slightly miscalculated on the size. I am so used to working with all cotton fabrics and battings that I designed the size of the top with shrinkage in mind. Then Munchie changed my plans when she wanted the minkee back and it was so heavy I had to use a poly batting….so no shrinkage! Oh, well, I don’t think she will even notice it is a little long.

I also started work on Mini-me’s dinosaur quilt this week. The fabrics are out, the pattern is back out, and now I just need figure out the sizes of the triangles for the teeth. I also need to cut the sashing for between the dinosaurs.

I also had another, unexpected project I had to take on this week. Me and two other gals are designing the challenge quilts for our local longarm guild. We met Thursday to pick out fabric for the two options and it was suggested we have completed tops for the members to look at during the meeting. The meeting is this coming Saturday! That gave us 8 days to get the tops done. One of the other gals took one top and I took the other as I needed to make changes in it on my EQ7 program.  We had to calculate approximate fabric yardages there in the quilt shop – even then, I made a small design change and had a strip of 2 inches by 8 inches as the only left over of one color. That was cutting it close! The members will be able to choose between the two tops and sign up for the one they want to do. At the next meeting they will get a kit with the fabrics in it so they can make the top, then quilt it the way they want to. It is a great tool to show how quilting can make the same quilt look totally different. I can’t show you the whole top until next week, but I can give you a sneak preview.
That is what kept me from getting my customer quilt done. Now I have to get back to serious stuff…..

This week’s goals –

  1. Finish customer quilt
  2. Load another customer quilt
  3. Work on Mini-me’s quilt
  4. Get ready for the longarm meeting on Saturday

That is plenty to do as we have our vacation coming up also and there will be absolutely no quilting done during that time. This will be our first family vacation since 2005….we are looking forward to it!

So how are you doing on your goals? Is your life as crazy as mine? Let us help spur you on to getting more done…whatever your goals!

Accountability report links

Here is Mister Linky – join in the fun anytime – just for a week or a month or the rest of the year… let us know what you have accomplished. We would love to have you join us!

I will check in with you later this evening – for sure!


5 thoughts on “Quilter’s Accountability Report – July 13, 2011

  1. You have been very busy. I love the quilt. I won’t be at the longarm meeting. Sigh, It did not get on my calander and it just will not fit in now.

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