Quilter’s Accountability Report – July 27, 2011

Good to be back! We took our first family vacation since Mini-me and Munchie were 11 months old and went to Peshtigo, Wisconsin, to visit a friend of the Hunter’s. Dick and his wife, Jean, have a cabin up on the Peshtigo river, about 15 minutes away from Green Bay (the body of water, not the city). We had a wonderful time fishing, eating, canoeing, eating, and just generally relaxing. I don’t think the Hunter even checked his email after the first day which is really rare! We were gone for five days and I am just now getting laundry and those type of things caught up.

Needless to say, I didn’t get a whole lot done this week, but sure hadn’t planned to!

Last week’s goals –

  1. Work on customer quilt – working on
  2. Keep working on Mini-me’s quilt – working on

I am still working on my next customer quilt and just prepped the fabric for paper-piecing the teeth on Mini-Me’s quilt. Nothing else is going on except trying to stay cool.

This week’s goals –

  1. Finish customer quilt
  2. Load next customer quilt
  3. Keep working on Mini-me’s quilt
  4. Piece my First Saturday block

I think the kids and I are going to the fair this Friday. I entered two quilts just for fun, my Little Red Zinger quilt and Thin Mints and Feathers, and want to see how they display them.  I realized as I was looking for my post on the Thin Mints and Feathers quilt that I have never posted final pictures of it and actually don’t even have any. I have no idea how I could have forgotten something like that! When I get it back from the fair I will take pictures of it and post them. I have actually given the quilt to my mom and had to borrow it from her to enter it in the fair.

I am stopping here again as it is going to be a busy week. Has the heat cooled off your quilting as it has mine? Let us help keep you focused on your goals!

Accountability report links

Here is Mister Linky – join in the fun anytime – just for a week or a month or the rest of the year… let us know what you have accomplished. We would love to have you join us!

I will check in with you all later this evening and can’t wait to see what you have done the last two weeks while I have been playing hooky!


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