Pictures from the week….

Mini-me with a mohawk for crazy hair day at VBS.

The first big fish out of the pond at Judi and Dave’s this weekend. The Hunter said this was a 6 pound large mouth bass (I believe it! I could fit both my fists plus the kids’ fist in this guy’s mouth!) caught by me much to Big Brother’s dismay. He had gone up Thursday so had a full day’s head start on us and hadn’t caught anything but a couple of small bass. Fishing was tough because of the extended heat we’ve had….

Dave and Judi have horses and do a lot of trail riding. This is Steel, a fantastic, bomb-proof, kid-broke horse that Munchie adores. She had been pestering Grandma Judi for boots and a hat to go along with the vest and chaps she was given last year. You can see the boots here but I think it was too hot for a black felt hat. We also spent some time beautifying Steel and braiding his mane and tail. I told Judi if they ever want to get rid of him that I would love to have him for Munchie. She would live in the barn if she could.

Big Brother and cousin Cam spent part of the day trying to sink the flat bottom boat. They almost succeeded but fortunately were only in a foot or two of water at the time. They sure wouldn’t have had fun “un-submerging” the boat if they had done it any deeper!

Big Brother finally redeemed himself Sunday afternoon, but he still couldn’t catch me. This was only a measly 5-pounder!

It was hot all weekend and this bench under a tree by the pond was a favored place for cooling off. Mini-me was talking Grandpa Dave’s ear off. Mini-me just hasn’t figured out Grandpa Dave can’t hear real well…

This is Munchie’s first bluegill. Good thing the bass in the pond are big, because the bluegill make up for it on the other end!

How cute is the cowboy boots and skirt? She planned the outfit to match and wore them to church Sunday morning before this picture was taken. The Hunter, poor guy, spent most of his time getting Mini-me, Munchie, or Big Brother out of one fishing mess or another. Pretty typical!

This is Mini-me’s passion. He is so like his father it is unbelievable. He could spend 24-7 with a rod in his hand. Mini-me will sit and look at Bass Pro or Cabela’s catalogs all day, asking his dad what each bait does and what fish to use it on. He would tell me he was using his swim bait and all I could do was nod because I sure didn’t know the difference!


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