Fair quilts and ribbons

I promised I would post more pictures of my winning fair quilts, especially Thin Mints and Feathers as I never really took any decent pictures of it when it was all done.

  1. Wallhangings-Machine Quilted – first place
  2. Champion Wall hanging division (adults)
  3. Special Award from Kreations by Karla

Here are a few other shots of the feathers.

Sorry this one is so washed out, but I had to go to the extreme on photographing it so that the feathers would show up on the black. This is one of the large black corner squares in the outer border.

All these feathers, as well as the ones on the Little Red Zinger, are inspired by Kimmy Brunner’s Twirly Whirly Feathers DVD and workbook. Definitely worth the money!

Here is my Little Red Zinger which won third in the Miniature Wallhanging category.

Can you tell I was working on feathers last year?


One thought on “Fair quilts and ribbons

  1. OMG!!! They are fantastic!!! Oh how I wish I could quilt like you. You have got those feathers down pat. I guess if I ever want to use feathers on a quilt, I will have to practice, you think??:) I love what you did to the beige/black design. It is really wonderful. Dar

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