Nadine’s Turning Twenty quilt

Here is Nadine’s Turning Twenty quilt. This is the one we wanted to look like aerial views of Kansas or Colorado crop land with irrigation circles.

This is a large quilt – 112″ by 96″, so doesn’t fit well even hanging lengthwise from my quilt hangers. The bottom touches the ground and that distorts the lines in the quilt a little and one corner is hidden by the spare bed.

Remember this picture? This is one of my models for the quilt as was the following picture.I tried to emulate the different sizes and strips in the quilt.

Here are two that are more close up of the quilting.

The largest circles are almost 16″ in diameter, so the additional circles on the inside were necessary to stabilize the quilt even though in most of the aerial pictures, those don’t stand out much unless you zoom in on the picture.

The entire quilt was stitched in the ditch except for where the circles overlap into more than one color.

The texture on the back is really cool also with the Stonehenge-type backing fabric.

Now I just hope the recipient likes it!


4 thoughts on “Nadine’s Turning Twenty quilt

  1. Bari, I love it!! It looks fantastic. I have never made circles with anything from Gammill. I need to know more about that attachment.
    Also, did you do the circles first, then go back and SID? I assume this is definitely custom. I’m not too eager to do custom work since I usually don’t know what to put where and what I might like I can’t do it unless I draw it somehow to follow on the quilt. At that rate, it would take me a month/quilt. I’d be doing it for free unless I charged an enormous amount per sq. in. You are my hero. I always love seeing what you come up with. WIsh my brain worked half as good as yours.

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